22 April 2011

new online store!

& not just some blogshop; it's illuminate - the online store! andand, i am very excited to say that we're doing a spree for one of my latest must-have items:


it's made of a recycled cotton canvas material, and it is perfect, perfect, perfect! for my laptop, light traveling, daily usage, etc. etc. etc.!

what's even cooler is that it's unisex! not overly masculine, not overly feminine.. idk about you, but i really appreciate that!

please visit the official Baggu website for more info; i can't streeess enough how dearly i want one in red! so please, help me cap my spree asap so that i can carry my new 14" laptop out & about w/o gradually making my posture lopsided!


  1. I get an awesome coupon and put things in my cart and finally see how much I would save and sometimes it ends up saving me less than I thought. Online stores are helping a lot to save lot of money.

  2. @Alisia: I agree! Especially on sites like GMarket, you can always get something cheaper; you just have to be patient and get the highest discount you can w/ the right coupon.