29 April 2011

labels, brands, blah!

now i know i said in one of my previous recent posts that i'm not as brand-conscious as i used to be, however there are some labels that i hold close to my heart (ie. the ones whose websites i remember to check every now & then).

they are (local ones in red, international in blue):
  • wheels & dollbaby (i fell in love w/ them in sydney & even more so when i saw dita von teese & amy winehouse wearing them)
  • karen millen (i love her dresses! her designs are all so unique, the prints, the fabrics, aiee. what more can i say)
  • hansel (i'll be honest, i don't fancy all of her pieces, but i am a big fan of most of her dresses & hv been so for years)
  • chalk (likewise w/ hansel, i'm a fan of at least half of her pieces, which is a lot considering i don't fancy girly-styles, then again to be fair i'd say hers is more lady-like than girlish)
  • laura ashley (once again, not everything, but i got this red dress last year on sale which i still insist on saving for a special occasion.
other stores i enjoy shopping at are: marks & spencers (you'd be surprised, not everything in there's auntie-ish), muji (hardly anything suits me there but they are all so nice & comfy!), island shop (i'll admit, i always wait for their expo sales under robinson) & british india (love their sales! you'd be surprised how much they're willing to cut for some pieces; i remember getting a beaded-collar dress for $40.00-ish & a comfy orange cami for less than $20?).

i used to shop at warehouse, dorothy perkins & river island, but now that they are too mainstream, i find myself avoiding them (i always go in to browse though for um, inspiration & such ie. window-shopping).

i've yet to buy anything from uniqlo; i foresee myself buying a pair of jeans and maybe a couple of tees/tops in the near future though. they're what i like to think of as the "japanese giordano", but w/ slightly better quality and much wider variety.

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