28 April 2011

it's spring, they say?

i've always wanted a tulip skirt ever since i saw one at m&s, and something w/ florals that didn't look too girly on me. good news is, i found what i've been looking for from a local label, made of 100% organic cotton, and on sale! the best part is that i already hv a top (a 100% organic cotton one too at that!) to pair w/ it so i won't look too girly!

introducing etrican, one of the more well-known local online boutiques that sell only organic cotton pieces. i've always wanted to try wearing one of their pieces, & thanks to brandsfever, i've got the chance to for less than SGD$23.00 (incl. shipping)! click here to participate in my thread re. organic cotton boutiques in singapore on cozycot forums.

will be posting a review as soon as i receive it (est. in a week or more!).

*UPDATE: i managed last-min to get a friend to share the shipping cost w/ me, so in the end i managed to get the above skirt for just $19.90! so ecstatic. :D
**FURTHER UPDATE: i'm pleased to say that my friend's floral romper (in the same print as my skirt above) was featured in this week's issue of URBAN in the straits times! so glad she bought it; esp. since because we shared the shipping cost, & of course, that it'll look great on her! :x

***REVIEW: fabric's comfy, skirt's cute, sizing may be a little small for me now, but my only lament is the length. it's a wee bit too short for my liking (above the knee, almost a mini?).

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