29 April 2011

labels, brands, blah!

now i know i said in one of my previous recent posts that i'm not as brand-conscious as i used to be, however there are some labels that i hold close to my heart (ie. the ones whose websites i remember to check every now & then).

they are (local ones in red, international in blue):
  • wheels & dollbaby (i fell in love w/ them in sydney & even more so when i saw dita von teese & amy winehouse wearing them)
  • karen millen (i love her dresses! her designs are all so unique, the prints, the fabrics, aiee. what more can i say)
  • hansel (i'll be honest, i don't fancy all of her pieces, but i am a big fan of most of her dresses & hv been so for years)
  • chalk (likewise w/ hansel, i'm a fan of at least half of her pieces, which is a lot considering i don't fancy girly-styles, then again to be fair i'd say hers is more lady-like than girlish)
  • laura ashley (once again, not everything, but i got this red dress last year on sale which i still insist on saving for a special occasion.
other stores i enjoy shopping at are: marks & spencers (you'd be surprised, not everything in there's auntie-ish), muji (hardly anything suits me there but they are all so nice & comfy!), island shop (i'll admit, i always wait for their expo sales under robinson) & british india (love their sales! you'd be surprised how much they're willing to cut for some pieces; i remember getting a beaded-collar dress for $40.00-ish & a comfy orange cami for less than $20?).

i used to shop at warehouse, dorothy perkins & river island, but now that they are too mainstream, i find myself avoiding them (i always go in to browse though for um, inspiration & such ie. window-shopping).

i've yet to buy anything from uniqlo; i foresee myself buying a pair of jeans and maybe a couple of tees/tops in the near future though. they're what i like to think of as the "japanese giordano", but w/ slightly better quality and much wider variety.

28 April 2011

it's spring, they say?

i've always wanted a tulip skirt ever since i saw one at m&s, and something w/ florals that didn't look too girly on me. good news is, i found what i've been looking for from a local label, made of 100% organic cotton, and on sale! the best part is that i already hv a top (a 100% organic cotton one too at that!) to pair w/ it so i won't look too girly!

introducing etrican, one of the more well-known local online boutiques that sell only organic cotton pieces. i've always wanted to try wearing one of their pieces, & thanks to brandsfever, i've got the chance to for less than SGD$23.00 (incl. shipping)! click here to participate in my thread re. organic cotton boutiques in singapore on cozycot forums.

will be posting a review as soon as i receive it (est. in a week or more!).

*UPDATE: i managed last-min to get a friend to share the shipping cost w/ me, so in the end i managed to get the above skirt for just $19.90! so ecstatic. :D
**FURTHER UPDATE: i'm pleased to say that my friend's floral romper (in the same print as my skirt above) was featured in this week's issue of URBAN in the straits times! so glad she bought it; esp. since because we shared the shipping cost, & of course, that it'll look great on her! :x

***REVIEW: fabric's comfy, skirt's cute, sizing may be a little small for me now, but my only lament is the length. it's a wee bit too short for my liking (above the knee, almost a mini?).

26 April 2011

no clothes!

yup, since i recently got a new laptop (w/ a much bigger 14" screen too!), i figured i might as well try to make the most of it and catch up on lost time since i'm paying starhub $30-ish a month for mobile internet.

today's post are featuring two items; one of which i've seen in person, the other i've yet to try but am looking forward to. neither are clothing; in fact, this is the first time i've ever featured a cosmetic product (i think)!

introducing, the tokidoki perfetto eyeliner in sandy! i've been inspired by an ex-colleague who wears navy-colored eyeliner to divert from my usual brown, & i figured green was as different and unique as it's gonna get. besides, it's my fave childhood color, plus i think it'll go nicely w/ mocha-colored hair (that's right i'm planning to dye my hair mocha brown as soon as it reaches my shoulders properly; wish me luck!).

i actually wanted to try majolica majorca as recommended by local gyaru blogger hotaru, however they don't seem to have a liquid eyeliner pen in green, lest to say dark green, so oh well.

next, i was thinking of a getting a small, more compact cosmetic pouch, & i found the quirkiest pencil case ever in a stationery store at funan the it mall. say hello to the a-peeling (pun of the day, hah) banao elite banana pencil case! i was on the verge of getting it, but the last piece was in 6.5/10 condition, so i figured i'd try my luck online.

unfortunately it's sold out almost everywhere, otherwise it costs much more than i'm willing to spend on a cosmetic pouch (uk exchange rate + shipping costs can be quite intimidating). pity really, since i think it's the same length as an average eyeliner. really, all i need is a tiny pot of concealer for emergencies, an eyeliner, lipbalm (still hooked on lipsmackers) & in the near future, matte lipstain (still researching on that).

*UPDATE (14/6): "..i was told by the salesgirl that they're a seasonal item & were only brought in during last x'mas." oh my heart. D:

25 April 2011

NSFW: gotta ketchum all!

USD$8.00 at nikkilipstick.com

cute? i'm honestly not quite sure how to feel about them; i am actually considering buying them, but i'm not sure if i'm willing to pay USD$16.00 (+USD$8.00 for shipping) in total for just a pair of pasties.. i love the unicorn ones though! maaybe i should start a spree.. doubt there's a local market for these though. ah well.

22 April 2011

new online store!

& not just some blogshop; it's illuminate - the online store! andand, i am very excited to say that we're doing a spree for one of my latest must-have items:


it's made of a recycled cotton canvas material, and it is perfect, perfect, perfect! for my laptop, light traveling, daily usage, etc. etc. etc.!

what's even cooler is that it's unisex! not overly masculine, not overly feminine.. idk about you, but i really appreciate that!

please visit the official Baggu website for more info; i can't streeess enough how dearly i want one in red! so please, help me cap my spree asap so that i can carry my new 14" laptop out & about w/o gradually making my posture lopsided!

14 April 2011

so recently..

i've been unbelievably busy w/ work since the beginning of march, so i've been unable to post since then. i have updated my wishlist however, & i must say, it differs greatly from my wishlist two years or so ago. for instance, i no longer want lacy peep-toe heels, or "something from fcuk".

that's right, i've managed to let go of one of my wishlist objectives: to collect at least one piece from every brand i've taken interest in. firstly, it's impractical, and secondly, it's just insane & will only make me a poorer person. or picky, but whatever, neither's good anyway.

so here are my priorities:
1) comfort
2) 100% cotton, otherwise i won't be able to wear it often
3) above acceptable quality (ie. no blogshop or $10 bugis street rubbish)
4) preferably on sale (just because i said no $10 bugis street rubbish doesn't mean i'm above buying $5 warehouse tops, oh no sirree!)

i shall post my wishlist as soon as i get the chance to refer to my blue notebook. oh that's right, i have a "fashion journal" now, where i sketch outfits consisting of current wardrobe pieces that i feel work.

here's a few that are fresh in my head to get me started..

1) black cotton pants (slightly tapered)
2) khaki/charcoal gray maxi dress
3) silk slip (gold?)
4) burgundy maxi skirt
5) long, slightly-oversized band tee to wear as a dress
6) doc marten clogs/loafers!
7) studded ring
8) confectionery accessories (cake/donut hairclips/rings etc.)
9) solid-colored, structured boxy bag for "work" the same size as a japanese schoolgirl's bag (eg. prada)
10) mocha brown hair (kiiinda achieved w/ that liese bubble hair dye thing.. didn't do it as thoroughly as i should though so only the top layer's brown; barely any difference though, probably cuz the color i chose is too dark for my hair)
11) bold-colored basic top, pref. 100% organic cotton (red, cobalt blue, etc.)

12) statement necklace of some sort (pref. handmade & acrylic)
13) scalloped t-shirt bra (like my old wrinkly seven y.o. beige ones lol)
14) olive-khaki 3/4 tapered trousers (work-friendly)
15) matte sushi nails
16) dress &/or tee w/ fun &/or quirky prints (eg. sushi, durians, chinchillas, etc. ie. things i like)
16) dress w. embroidered collar
17) retro clutch (pref. a color that pops!)

18) mustard waist belt (pref. vintage)
19) super-high platforms w/ a thick heel
20) deep burgundy/wine-colored tights
21) an ombre top/dress
22) crocheted-neckline dress

& so on..

recent buys include:
one short-sleeved light paperbag-brown 100% organic cotton tee from zara ($16.90)
two 3/4-sleeved brown & beige organic cotton slightly boatnecked tees from zara also ($19.90 ea)
large paddington bear tote from 7-eleven roflrofl (less than $20??)

..& more! mum recently returned from a short trip to bangkok, and she got me two pairs of pants, a black handmade leather laptop sleeve (that i hope to use as a clutch), and other stuff. can't wait!