25 February 2011

o clock by fullspot!

this italian brand was recently featured on dfordot.com. currently, as far as I know, the closest place to singapore it is available in is next door (specifically kuala lumpur). I've tried contacting the US website but they've to reply me re. stockists in SG/JB, which I doubt there are, so..

i was wondering, has anyone seen this brand anywhere recently? if i'm not wrong it was recently released last year or so, so it's relatively new.. i love how it's easily customizable though; makes it so much easier to accessorize, really, and in such a practical way! plus i heard it's hypoallergenic too.. and waterproof!

seriously, i've never been this crazy about a watch. i'm already considering getting four colors (first one incl. the clock face itself, of course): gray blue, moss, ocean & chocolate.. maaaybe traffic purple too, who knows. :x

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