30 January 2011

har-low~, statement necklaces!

nude+black is always a good combo, feminine but w/ an edge.
i imagine moss green/khaki green + nude would be an interesting experiment too..

i'm a fan of nicole richie's house of harlow 1960 collection, and i've been eyeing the necklace above for at least half a year now i think. sadly, as much as i'm in love w/ the leather-paneled version, i'm far from being able to afford it.

hence, i'm tempted to buy my first, run of the mill "inspired" necklaces (ie. IMITATIONNN! i mean c'mon, they're the exact same thing!!) here for the affordable price of SGD$13.90 (it's the lowest i found so far compared to a ridiculous SGD$25 elsewhere).

bf says it looks cheap though (i'm not sure if he meant the authentic one or the rip-off one..), so i'm having second thoughts, until i saw THIS. my reasoning is: if it's good enough to be seen on a locally-recognized street fashion blog, it's good enough to be seen on me.

HOW? D: & i was thinking i could get away w/ just a wee bit of black this cny too!

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