27 January 2011

cny is just six days away!

and i've yet to get anything (apart from a hat, but i wouldn't say i got that exclusively for cny..)!! i've finally decided on an ideal outfit, plus i've got the shoes (or rather, clogs) and skinny vintage belt to match, but argh where am i supposed to get a nude/khaki colored maxi dress! i was hoping uniqlo would still have the ombre one, but apparently it's out of season.. ):

i would also very much like an cny-ish element, and since red's a bit too "in-your-face", and i'm not too keen on gold either (ooh maybe for my nails? but fuck they're short ]:), so i guess ima hv to go w/ bunnies (not like i'm against that anyways). besides i do need to personalize my new hat a wee bit, so what better than a bunny brooch? i guess ima hv to make one last-min though, most likely from felt..

daiso, here i come! -_-

*sidetrack: new fashion blog to watch! meet b. jones, a cross between rachel zoe and carrie bradshaw!

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