27 January 2011

byebye bags!

recently i've been unable to get my fill on shoes, so this post will be about my top two picks for this month.

this, is one of them: the adrian tassel loafer by doc martens in faded suede.

i'm also quite intrigued by the car shoe store at ion orchard, however i feel that since doc martens typically hv a thicker sole (therefore more height), there must be more support for my poor broad, flat feet as well. i honestly can't decide between the above and the gorgeous teal one though.. the suede makes me rethink getting this though.

this brings us to another pair of doc martens: an adorable pair of mint green boots*! sadly i'm unable to find a photo of it on the website for some reason, plus i was told by the salesgirl at one of the shoe stores at the concorde hotel shopping arcade that it came in just about a week ago? whatever, i'm sure they can be found at every "direct-from-factory" shoe outlet now, plus they come in a soft lavender and pastel pink for those who are more in touch w/ their feminine side!another find at the shopping arcade was madame h's handcrafted shoes. i had a chat w/ the very pleasant salesperson (the owner, i think? i didn't clarify as i was on the way to an interview). the label's from bangkok, and they had to close one of their branches there recently due to the red shirts' rioting. anyway, shoes. what could be cuter than tuxedo shoes! here's the best pic of them i could rip off the internet (ie. their facebook page).

*UPDATE: found out they were the 1460 8-eye boots. click on the colors to view!

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