21 December 2011

vintage stores..

pricey, vintage stores. always fun to have a little look at, explore around a little, maybe pick up a bag or try a pair of shoes or two.. this post will be where i list all my hidden finds. so far i only hv a couple, but it's okay, at least it's a start.

beauty shoes co.
specializes in vintage shoes & bags & a few wallets
170 upp bukit timah rd
bukit timah shopping centre
tel: 6468 0914

"a mixture of shoes as cheap as 20++, gorgeous vintage heels, and a few quirky pairs (red glitter stripper sandal-heels, anyone? kinda like the stripper version of dorothy's special glittery red shoes). quite a variety of men's boots and loafers as well. quite a few lovely vintage purses too."

kaiyo reptile products pte ltd
specializes in exotic-skinned handbags, belt & wallets
29 bukit pasoh rd

"crocodile, ostrich, leather, woven horsehair.. you know, the usual. the ostrich wallets are to die for; so soft plus they come in a variety of eye-catching colors that *pop*. the downside? they're mostly 600 and above, unless you're looking for a short wallet."

15 December 2011

too much?

i bought a pair of dark blue cotton pj pants by la senza from singsale for 20-ish, and a purple tank top by dorothy perkins (supposedly worn once) for just 6 bucks recently. and yet, i still can't get enough.. and how could i, when on the 20th of dec, blood is the new black, is having 75% off!! /swoons

i'm soo excited, i don't know what else to say!

i love x'mas.

24 November 2011

3 ticks!

#1 it's sort of a cross between a loafer and a boat shoe (check!)
#2 it's made of leather and hardy (check!)
#3 it's a lovely chocolate brown (check!)

i've (finally) decided to start saving up for a pair of minnetonkas. why? i met a woman at work today, wearing the nicest pair of aged-looking, well worn-in loafers, and guess what. they were minnetonkas! apparently her husband bought them for her TEN YEARS AGO. amazing? i think so too!

i'm already looking forward to them. hope i get the right size! :x

*edit: found them at red wing shoes at suntec city; they didn't have the one pictured above, however they did have the latest embroidered ones.. i won't be getting them anymore however; the sole's made for normal feet and way too slim for mine. oh well. ):

14 November 2011

singsale lemmings.

first time i'm using the word 'lemmings'.. seems pretty appropriate though heh heh. anyway, couple of things below that i want but not necessarily from singsale, since those b@stards charge heavily for postage.

think it'd be a nice change from the usual black/nude bra under a see-through/mesh top. i don't foresee myself wearing something translucent in the near future, but i like my stuff navy anyway. it's a push-up bra by davenport btw; i don't think i'm ever going to buy a bra online.

believe it or not, that's 100% cotton according to the product info page. i've a thing for dull, earthy "fall" colors like maroon, brown, navy, & rust.. i just can't help it. it's by gyaru brand rosebullet btw. who would've thought.
pity singsale wants to be a jerk & charge SGD9.00 for postage, otherwise i'd buy this in an instant.

13 November 2011

time's running out..

lately i've only had my twice-a-week evening classes to keep me busy, and, apart from my job-hunting, pets & hanging out w/ a couple of friends, i don't have much to keep me busy (constantly). which got me thinking, esp. since i'm nearing the big (imo) two-one.

how can i contribute to society? what can i do that i can be proud of? can i help people who deserve help? all these questions are popping in and outta my head more and more frequently. and the more they occur, the more frantic i am to at least get an idea before 2011 ends.

to be honest, i don't have much too offer. i'm lazy, i'm forgetful, i'm terrible outdoors in the warm & humid weather, i'm not an active person, i'm a foodie yet i can't cook, and i hate mornings.. i could list a lot more flaws of mine, but then this isn't the focus of this post (plus i don't feel like talking about it here & now).

so, while i continue to brainstorm on ideas (money-generating ones of course, because really, who's gonna feed me but myself?), here are a few fashion-related ways to show that you care, not to anyone of course, except god. kidding. but no seriously, god is watching.

PATCH [http://patch.thepatatas.com] - you pay what you want for brand new or pre-loved items. the catch? 100% of the funds go to a featured charity, so don't take advantage of them (ie. be stingy)!

Blessings In A Bag [http://blessingsinabag.org/index.php/wishlist] - got too many ocean pacific tees from your teenage years? all looking perfectly fine, and you don't have a maid to hand them down to? well donate them! not to salvation army, but straight to kids in need of.. stuff!

UNIFEM Buy To Save - the festive season's right around the corner, you want something luxe, maybe even a luxury label, but you're low on cash? try UNIFEM's annual charity sale! visit http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=313627158651265 for more info.

for now that's about all i've got,  so that's it. don't forget though, volunteering's always an option.

12 November 2011


i've many fave things, especially when it comes to food, hell, even more so if it's sweet, and one of them, is PEEPS. put them w/ something i use everyday, & what do you get?

available on amazon for USD6.95 (excl. shipping).

a bit too expensive? i agree. i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that candylicious or quixotic inc. might bring it in someday though..
besides, my lipsmackers are far from being run out.

11 November 2011

a modern take on something vintagey?

if i can't get a plain & simple tortoiseshell watch, i want a tortoiseshell necklace.. which of course, i can't have either.

09 November 2011

threadless buys!

threadless is having a free international shipping promo, so i had a quick spree with a couple of friends & voila, i got three tees for less than sgd13! are those good buys or what!? i'm a bit disappointed that both the girly tee dresses i was eyeing are sold out (i adored the "toothpick swarm"!). i nearly got a hoodie as well, but i wizened up & ditched it in the end. cuz really, let's face it, who in their right mind would wear a hoodie in such humid weather? unless of course, you're not as "cold-resistant" as i am..

although i insisted repeatedly in the past that i was going to limit myself to one graphic tee a year in order to build a more "grown-up" wardrobe, i'm afraid i still have a weakness for the below.

#1 i've been on the hunt for something in rust/burnt orange.
#2 it's been awhile since i bought a tee w/ an animal on it (the chinchilla one is an exception! ..cuz it looks more like an alien critter than a chinchilla)
#3 who doesn't like tigers!
according to the product info pg, 25% of proceeds from this tee goes to unicef, so yay. i finally get a patterned tee, and i do a good deed!

i've always, always wanted a shirt like this!
i've too many gray tees but i just couldn't pass this up; it was either this, or pink!

anyway, hurry, the promo ends tomorrow on 9 nov at 11pm for us singaporeans! drop me a msg if you need help holding a spree & i'll see if anymore of my customers/friends are keen.

08 November 2011

what i was up to..

last night. just a couple of brooches, a little hint at what i'll be working on in the near future. i still have few little surprises tucked away though! fingers crossed as this is my first sewing project.. who would've thought i'd actually be doing this!

02 November 2011

04 October 2011


don't know why i didn't post this earlier, been eye-ing it since i saw it at kinokinuya & that nbc gift store above at ngee ann city.
sigh. if only it didn't cost above SGD20..

03 October 2011

recent buys at the heeren!

due to my poor terrible handling of personal finances (i'm constantly taking the cab to work etc. etc.), i've strictly limited myself to spending no more than $15 on a top, $30 on a dress, & $40 on bottoms. exceptions are only made if the heavier-than-usual price tag is justified (this is of course, on case-by-case basis).

so, i popped by the heeren just this afternoon & idk if you (only applicable to singaporeans!) know this, but back in my day (like five years or so ago?), the heeren was the place for trendy *cough* teens to shop at, & it was always crowded as hell, so crowded, i hated going there. too bad though, i ended up getting dragged there by my friends anyway.

now, the whole place is just DEAD. dead, dead, DEAD. apparently they've been renovating, trying to give it a makeover or something, but man i feel bad for all the existing establishments there.. it's actually quite sad, considering how many teens used to flood this place.

f&b establishments don't seem to be doing too bad though, unlike retail, gosh! even ed hardy's moving out in two weeks.. which reminds me, clearance sale alert, people! leather belts for $15!! seriously though, it's been under renovation for a couple of years now? ridiculous imo, but meh, at the end of the day it's none of my concern, so meh.

anyway, back to the point: the clothing i got! both listed below. (:

[photo soon!]
100% cotton spag-dress (racerback) in sky-blue with kites printed on the bottom corner!
made in the us by heavy rotation
SGD25.00 from spin the bottle

:D (btw that's obv. not me pictured above)
it's not easy finding a tee w/ a chinchilla on it, but i found one!
..even though it looks kinda freakishly-weird. :x
got it for SGD15.00 from the ed hardy clearance sale! according to the very-nice salesman-who-let-me-charge-my-phone-while-i-shopped, it's old/extra stock from their store at great world city. original price on the tag? SGD49.90!
unfortunately made of 50% cotton + 50% polyester, i really couldn't resist though so i made an exception, even though it's super-thin & kinda clingy. sigh.

22 September 2011

ted baker bobble ring.

available at robinsons centerpoint for sgd68.00.
fingers crossed for 50% off in a month or two! :x

11 September 2011

well, not quite.

ladies (& gentlemen?), introducing, my very first pair of hi-tops.. the vans sk8-hi zebra! got them from orchard central for 89bucks.. you may have seen me yesterday, limping around furiously - one of my pumas had split! oh the horror.

although in hindsight, i probably shouldn't have gotten another pair of canvas shoes.. ah well! i was recently on the hunt for a pair of hi-tops that stood out but not too much, & tadah~.

it's all black, which makes it perfect for work too.

08 September 2011

yet another $29 dress!

this time, from robinsons (centerpoint), by oasis, a "brand" from the uk. original price? sgd79.00. i've been on the look-out for something like this for years! the first time i tried a dress w/ batwing sleeves, my boobs looked like they had sagged and somehow attached themselves to my arms. horrifying. so horrifying, it put me off trying anything resembling that dress.. even this dress. it was the last one on the rack, so, since i now work at robinsons, i figured i'd just buy it first, then try it on at home. if it didn't fit, well, i could just return it the next time i was on duty..

what can i say, i am rather fond of turquoise.. despite my ex-bff telling me about five years ago that turquoise didn't suit my skintone, after seeing me in my first turquoise tee by PureMilk (i know, what an embarassing name; i was only a teen back then, plus they had cute tees).

at first glance i thought it was a tunic, turns out that it's actually a kaftan! a thin, cotton turquoise kaftan w/ white embroidery, to be more precise. i managed to find it online just by google-imaging 'oasis embroidered kaftan', & so, tadah, here it is. the color's not as bright as in the photo though; the flash hurts my eyes, even when it's not directed at me..

03 September 2011

eco-warrior mode, on!

just kidding. but really, on a serious note, i recently read an article about how 'fast fashion' (ie. your typical high-street retailers like forever 21, h&m, etc.) contributes to an unbelievably large amount of clothes wastage (kids buy cheap clothing & take them for granted, throwing them out whenever they see fit, & so forth), and how the importance of 'sustainable fashion' is gradually but steadily increasing. this made me think, surely we could do more for the environment and at the same time, preserve our sense of style as well as satisfy our personal, sartorial needs?

i was walking to dinner a few hours ago, and started making a mental list of all my eco-friendly (or at least, claimed to be) items. i've my:

#1 recently-purchased hip hop watch from italy; i'm unsure if it's made of biodegradable silicone rubber like o'clock by fullspot though..
#2 red baggu backpack (made of recycled cotton!) which i've been lugging around everywhere, so much that i'm starting to see holes slowly appear in the bottom of my backpack. )':
#3 organic cotton tees from zara (lesser chemicals = lesser pollution, i guess?)

simply put, what i wanna know is: what have you been doing to help save our planet, & what eco-friendly products have you bought or are planning to buy?

29 August 2011

work shoes #1 or #2.

mimi in black alsina..


viviana in black polished laredo?

if only i could wear brown shoes to work..

02 August 2011

a little tidbit for my homegirls. :P

get 15% off with 'CLEO15' at www.lovesg.sg, plus free local shipping!

28 July 2011

what i'm eyeing on etsy.

feeling a bit under the weather but for some strange reason, i'm in the mood to blog, so this will be a pretty photo-intensive post. click on the photos to visit the actual etsy page (urls to be added soon!).

22 July 2011

time for yet another spree.. or two. heh.

happy narwhal belt on shanalogic (USD16 12)

'nighttime forest' tee by sharp shirter on shanalogic (USD24)

'toothpick swarm' tee dress from threadless (USD44 36)

20 July 2011


just saw this on lifestyle asia, & oh my.. i don't care if it's hard to match, cuz when i'm finally able to afford it, i guess i wouldn't really have to care.

09 July 2011

"let's be a fashionista! nippon style!"

i'm singaporean. singaporeans like freebies. did i mention i'm a girl? girls love freebies, cosmetic samples, perfume samples, free clothes, etc. it's natural for someone who enjoys shopping to like freebies, so no, don't be so ashamed. it's being what men call.. economical.

okay, back to the point: we all know catalog & juice right? well there's a new free magazine in town, and it's focused on, *dundundun*, japanese fashion!! which is great considering all those japanese fashion mags (eg. vivi Kawaii, ageha, etc.) at kinokuniya are super pricey. yes they've mooks & all, but what's the point of buying something most of us can't read?!

introducing, the recently launched Nth'! it is touted as being a "japanese fashion magazine catered to singaporean girls", which is smart as japanese culture is increasing popular here seeing as how we're both asian & they're like five times trendier than us. i picked my (& their) first copy up at parco next next just a week ago and i'm told that they're already fresh out! that's pretty fast considering #1 they're new #2 parco is a dead place #3 they released on 28 june! so if you see what seems to be a yellow booklet with just black words on the cover, GRAB IT. it's not bad for a first issue, plus, it's free! :x

08 July 2011

idk if..

you know who i am personally because frankly, i'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of which social media profile i've listed this as my blog, so i hardly choose to let my opinions be known here as i prefer this blog to be more focused on things i want to buy/bought/etc. however, this post shall be one of the few exceptions since well, it's something i want, and would like to see more. maybe i'll express my opinions more freely in the future, but for now, this shall be a start for me.

so. topic? photoshoots that are too arty-farty (ie. styled terribly) yet end up in a fashion magazine.

when i buy a fashion magazine, i "read" it to see photos of beautiful clothes in all their colorful glory. instead, i sometimes see the model's hair completely covering the collar of a plain dress, which only makes me think, oh no, what am i missing out on?! could the collar be beautifully detailed but no, just because the stylist/model thought it'd be cooler to have her hair all fluffed up and un-tied, i won't get to see it?!

the worst i've seen was a completely monochromatic shoot, which made me just crazy, wondering, omg, what color could this divinely-cut dress be? and what about those shoes? are they green, would i like them?? and it just went on and on until i got tired and never read the magazine again. i felt cheated.

this may sound cheap or even unreasonable to you, but if i paid SGD6/7 for my magazine, i think it's only fair that i get to see the clothes. if i wanted to see beautiful works of photography, then sure, i'd buy a photography mag. BUT I DIDN'T. i don't care if the model has a broad jawline or wide face & looks lousy in a ponytail, I REALLY DON'T.

i want to see clothes damnit. sure, it irks me too if they reference a piece or two incorrectly (ie. the store i can supposedly get it from is wrong, happens quite often w/ CHIC), but hey, if you pay a considerably lesser amount for a magazine, you'd see it coming & it'll be justified (sorta). but no, i refuse to be deprived of colors! i refuse to be deprived of viewing the clothes in its full glory! seriously, you stylists/photographers out there, you know who you are.


07 July 2011

beggars can't be choosers..

but honestly? i'm not complaining. i got this waterproof eyeliner from sasa's housebrand sasatinnie in metallic green last weekend. yes, you may laugh at how ridiculous it sounds (i did), but for SGD7.20 (i got it at only SGD5+! storewide 20% off now). it was tough finding an eyeliner that cost under SGD10 in khaki green (i originally wanted a dark forest/moss green but khaki's easier to wear i guess), but man i'm glad i finally found this one! yes, it may say metallic green,

listed here are the winning points:
1) waterproof (for real)
2) long-lasting (again, for real)
3) in a color that i like (yay!)
4) surprisingly not very noticably metallic!

but, but! what i love most apart from all the above, is the little cap pictured above on the left is the sharpener (the white bit). why? because the eyeliner is retractable, yet it can be sharpened! how unique is that?! i may not wear make-up very often but i sure do my research before i decide to settle for something named sasatinnie.

as for the sale, i don't know when it ends, but i guess one can assume sometime soon this month? because really, how often do good things happen, & for a long period of time? i wish.

01 July 2011

gss buys #2!

in the past two days - well, three now, i've bought two pieces from the mango store at marina square since i work just downstairs and uh, since everything there's dirt cheap?! i know quite a number of their stuff is made in china, & that lotsa malay girls love shopping there for a variety of reasons which i'll leave you to guess, but the quality's actually better than forever 21 & almost on par w/ zara.

1) black linen pants at $29 (for work)
2) nautical-themed black/white cotton striped tee-dress w/ a rope waist-tie at $29 (casual wear), pictured below

both of which are comfy, & i like how the dress has little slits at the sides! i badly need to alter my pants asap though.

21 June 2011


isn't she the cutest?

19 June 2011

places ima check out soon.

as i mentioned before, it's that time of the year again! i'll be starting work this following week at marina square, so where better to shop than the surrounding area? :3

here's a list of places i'll be headed to in the next few days:
1) deja vu vintage at millenia walk (selected sales items discounted up to 80% – separates from $10, dresses from $25, plus bags & shoes from $20 onwards? count me in!)
2) parco next next at millenia walk (yep, my old workplace. i'm keen to see the new batch of talent anyway, so i might as well pop by for a look if not to buy anything)

..& more, who knows.

*UPDATE: went there, looked around, didn't get anything in the end (like i suspected). new designers are nothing impressive, except maybe for a couple. as for deja vu, lotsa things are not made of 100% cotton and/or too small for me. oh well. i've to admit, i saw this coming a mile away.

14 June 2011

+1 post!

double posts in a day! so today at around eleven-plus i went to ion orchard to hunt down a pair of black denim jeans and black shoes for work. i had to be very picky since i'll be working as a f&b supervisor this weekend onwards. i was hungry since i hadn't had breakfast but i figured i'd visit all the shops i wanted to visit on basement 2 first since i was there anyway & wouldn't be returning to take the mrt. i also popped by wheelock place later in the afternoon. i won't bore you w/ unnecessary details like which shops i went to, what i ate etc., but i will say this:

1) i was disappointed that despite me managing to squeeze into the largest size for uniqlo's jeans (28), it was still tight enough to give me a very prominent muffin top (ie. tight as hell). uniqlo is great for tops though ($9.90 for a cute print top by franche lippee!).

2) 3 bras for $50 at la senza sounded very enticing but they didn't have my size in the designs i wanted

3) $25 for a bra from marks & spencers sounded good too but the prob w/ sales items is, quantity is usually limited, more so with sizes

4) stradivarius wasn't all it was cracked up to be (imo). i did see a nice kimono-print tee-dress though.  

5) zara was lovely as usual but barely any discounted items. i skipped warehouse since there didn't seem to be any sales. topshop lacked cotton items (as expected), but the shoes were nice (not fit for wide, flat-footed people like me though fleh).

6) mango, usually good for bargains, was closed for some private sale event. mimco didn't have much interest for me while witchery was overpriced imo. bimba & lola had lovely pieces & decor, & despite the service staff with their snobbish attitude & chatting amongst themselves, i felt their heavy price tags were quite justified, looking at the quality & design of their pieces.

5) sephora was disappointing. i found an eyeliner i liked but for $20? sasa sells a similar khaki green one for less than $8, except that it's not liquid. i was actually on the hunt for matte lipstain & the tokidoki eyeliner, however i was told by the salesgirl that they're a seasonal item and were only brought in during last x'mas. the (sephora) matte lipstain on the other hand, didn't have any colors that appealed to me, so i left it at that.

gss buys!

well, technically, they aren't exactly gss buys.. but meh, since it is gss season anyway (that's great singapore sale btw to all you foreigners out there, and yes, it's a nationwide sale). for now i'll just be listing only wearable items i've bought, otherwise:

#1 won't be easy for me to keep track
#2 this is wardrobe wishlist afterall (despite me digressing occasionally hehe).

so, my first buy was last sunday at bhg (junction 8). it's a simple, plain and comfy khaki green cotton tee from some cheena brand patch. it came w/ this black beaded ribbon-bow brooch which i'm very likely to give away lol. gyaru, yes, but too feminine for me really. photo/s soon! i'm gonna be cutting the collar into a scoop-neck as soon as i get time to go to the tailor/seamstress, so there'll be a before & after.

second buy was today at uniqlo (ion orchard); more about my trip to town (ie. ion+wheelock, i know i'm so lazy). i've always wanted something from uniqlo, & finally, i have it, and for just SGD9.90 (that's more than 50% off the original price of $24.90!)! i'm so glad i told myself about a month or two ago at the opening of one of their latest outlets at vivocity that no, i should wait for the price to dip, & boy am i glad i did! i love how they've so many print tees & collaborations w/ various designers now. there'll be more photos (self-taken ones, not ripped-off-from-google-images ones) soon, as soon as i pluck up the courage to use my crappy*ss phone cam & my skin condition gets better.

06 June 2011

i need height.

one pair of clogs is not enough for me; ever since i got my clogs, i realized that i can wear heels, i just need lotsa proper cushioning and support. this means all of my previous shoes aren't fit for me (too bad, it hurts a lot more to wear them though than it pains my heart).

so, i've my eye out for a pair of earthy-colored (brown would be ideal) heels that will lift me up at least four inches off the ground, preferably as high as the jeffrey campbell lanas below.

ai yai yai~. i'm tempted by the brown doc marten una mules, but idk, the height doesn't really seem to be enough for me..

24 May 2011

hello again!

as everyone knows, the great singapore sale is just round the corner (or has it already kicked off?), so what better way to get things started (and ahem, to keep this blog running), than to share a discount code from zhai, one of my fave local labels!

i've mentioned in one of my early posts i think that i got a wrap skirt from them. zhai now has an online store, and apparently they only have the wrap skirt in beige. i got mine (black) on sale back then for slightly less (SGD70 SGD56), but guess what, you can too w/ the discount code for much, much less (SGD56 SGD41)! bear in mind too that there's free shipping (only to local addresses, that is).

simply enter '8888' for SGD15.00 off min. purchases of SGD50.00 (valid til 15 june 2011!). seems like a pretty good deal to me! i myself am eyeing the keyhole dress; the hole does seem to be a little too large though, so i might go down in person one of these days to millenia walk/haji lane to try it on.

29 April 2011

labels, brands, blah!

now i know i said in one of my previous recent posts that i'm not as brand-conscious as i used to be, however there are some labels that i hold close to my heart (ie. the ones whose websites i remember to check every now & then).

they are (local ones in red, international in blue):
  • wheels & dollbaby (i fell in love w/ them in sydney & even more so when i saw dita von teese & amy winehouse wearing them)
  • karen millen (i love her dresses! her designs are all so unique, the prints, the fabrics, aiee. what more can i say)
  • hansel (i'll be honest, i don't fancy all of her pieces, but i am a big fan of most of her dresses & hv been so for years)
  • chalk (likewise w/ hansel, i'm a fan of at least half of her pieces, which is a lot considering i don't fancy girly-styles, then again to be fair i'd say hers is more lady-like than girlish)
  • laura ashley (once again, not everything, but i got this red dress last year on sale which i still insist on saving for a special occasion.
other stores i enjoy shopping at are: marks & spencers (you'd be surprised, not everything in there's auntie-ish), muji (hardly anything suits me there but they are all so nice & comfy!), island shop (i'll admit, i always wait for their expo sales under robinson) & british india (love their sales! you'd be surprised how much they're willing to cut for some pieces; i remember getting a beaded-collar dress for $40.00-ish & a comfy orange cami for less than $20?).

i used to shop at warehouse, dorothy perkins & river island, but now that they are too mainstream, i find myself avoiding them (i always go in to browse though for um, inspiration & such ie. window-shopping).

i've yet to buy anything from uniqlo; i foresee myself buying a pair of jeans and maybe a couple of tees/tops in the near future though. they're what i like to think of as the "japanese giordano", but w/ slightly better quality and much wider variety.

28 April 2011

it's spring, they say?

i've always wanted a tulip skirt ever since i saw one at m&s, and something w/ florals that didn't look too girly on me. good news is, i found what i've been looking for from a local label, made of 100% organic cotton, and on sale! the best part is that i already hv a top (a 100% organic cotton one too at that!) to pair w/ it so i won't look too girly!

introducing etrican, one of the more well-known local online boutiques that sell only organic cotton pieces. i've always wanted to try wearing one of their pieces, & thanks to brandsfever, i've got the chance to for less than SGD$23.00 (incl. shipping)! click here to participate in my thread re. organic cotton boutiques in singapore on cozycot forums.

will be posting a review as soon as i receive it (est. in a week or more!).

*UPDATE: i managed last-min to get a friend to share the shipping cost w/ me, so in the end i managed to get the above skirt for just $19.90! so ecstatic. :D
**FURTHER UPDATE: i'm pleased to say that my friend's floral romper (in the same print as my skirt above) was featured in this week's issue of URBAN in the straits times! so glad she bought it; esp. since because we shared the shipping cost, & of course, that it'll look great on her! :x

***REVIEW: fabric's comfy, skirt's cute, sizing may be a little small for me now, but my only lament is the length. it's a wee bit too short for my liking (above the knee, almost a mini?).

26 April 2011

no clothes!

yup, since i recently got a new laptop (w/ a much bigger 14" screen too!), i figured i might as well try to make the most of it and catch up on lost time since i'm paying starhub $30-ish a month for mobile internet.

today's post are featuring two items; one of which i've seen in person, the other i've yet to try but am looking forward to. neither are clothing; in fact, this is the first time i've ever featured a cosmetic product (i think)!

introducing, the tokidoki perfetto eyeliner in sandy! i've been inspired by an ex-colleague who wears navy-colored eyeliner to divert from my usual brown, & i figured green was as different and unique as it's gonna get. besides, it's my fave childhood color, plus i think it'll go nicely w/ mocha-colored hair (that's right i'm planning to dye my hair mocha brown as soon as it reaches my shoulders properly; wish me luck!).

i actually wanted to try majolica majorca as recommended by local gyaru blogger hotaru, however they don't seem to have a liquid eyeliner pen in green, lest to say dark green, so oh well.

next, i was thinking of a getting a small, more compact cosmetic pouch, & i found the quirkiest pencil case ever in a stationery store at funan the it mall. say hello to the a-peeling (pun of the day, hah) banao elite banana pencil case! i was on the verge of getting it, but the last piece was in 6.5/10 condition, so i figured i'd try my luck online.

unfortunately it's sold out almost everywhere, otherwise it costs much more than i'm willing to spend on a cosmetic pouch (uk exchange rate + shipping costs can be quite intimidating). pity really, since i think it's the same length as an average eyeliner. really, all i need is a tiny pot of concealer for emergencies, an eyeliner, lipbalm (still hooked on lipsmackers) & in the near future, matte lipstain (still researching on that).

*UPDATE (14/6): "..i was told by the salesgirl that they're a seasonal item & were only brought in during last x'mas." oh my heart. D: