30 December 2010

ring + watch.

as you can see, this blog is where i list things that i am on the hunt for.

my latest addition: a watch ring.

i am not a fan of watches; i am considering getting a couple though, for practical reasons, of course. a nice, slim old-school classy-looking gold one for no more than $49 at funan, & maybe a cartoon one (which i've always secretly wanted). gold might a bit too old-fashioned for me to pull off though, so if possible i would love a bronze one. wish me luck!

swatch is currently too pricey for me (like i said, i'm not a fan of watches, however the shopaholic in me will always find an excuse to buy something i can wear, like a watch! how practical). i very much like the navy one (UP-WIND, GN230 Originals) from the recent color codes collection.

anyway, back to the topic: watch rings.

sure, i would love one from d&g (the first watch ring i saw), but hell i know there's no way i can afford it atm. yes, there's always that cheap rip-off from diva, but we both know that i will never be able to bring myself to buy it (yes, the shopaholic in me understands what wastage and investments mean). i found yet another option on gmarket - as expected though, it looks terribly cheap and awful, with all those large, cheena-looking crystals that are very likely to fall off within a month or two.

ah well. i guess the best viable option right now would be to get that watch from funan. or i could just wait, as always. [:

*update: got a cute mint green cinnamoroll kids' watch (y'know, the kind that has a face that can be flipped open?) from a random gachapon machine at toys r us (forum the shopping mall) for 3 bucks (can be found almost anywhere w/ gachapon machines; i've seen adorable hello kitty ones too!)! uber cute! besides i couldn't resist trying my luck.

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