19 December 2010

nun collars rofl.

i was reading an article on insing.com, clickie here, clickie there, and somehow, i ended up on the love & bravery site, looking at this dress, unable to decide if i shld finally give local blogshops a go.. they're definitely one of the local blogshops that i'm fond of (design-wise, of course). i'm not sure if i'm willing to take a chance quality-wise on their pieces, plus i'm not too keen on chiffon fabrics at the moment due to my sensitive skin.. i must admit that i adore the color scheme & cutting though.
next thing you know, i'm on the famous young fashion blogger tavi gevinson's blog, and from there, ended up on pamflet magazine's site, & tadah. i've always been intrigued by.. what shall i call them, collar necklaces? but yes, this is not the first i've seen of them. i must find out how to get my hands on one of these soon (think how perfect for work they'd be! then off it goes & you're ready for the night).

also, my interest in formal, work-friendly clothes has increased. why? well i've resigned from my fashion retail job and i'm quite pleased to say that i've an interview to be a PA at shenton way next monday. it's full-time position, but you know what this means: bigger paycheck, more clothes (& accessories & blah)!

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