22 November 2010

possibly the coolest thing ever (imo).

ironically, not so in singapore, considering it's a hot and humid country all year round. i would still love to own a totoro hoodie someday though, just not a onesie. here are a couple of really cool animal-inspired jammies that i found recently online though, for those of you out there who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy freezing cold weather annually (or more frequently!):

that wasn't much, i know, but hey, it's not like you can find these any day at your neighborhood shopping mall. leave a comment if you're interested in seeing more (u can ware sharkz too! pluz barez n moar) or buying them, unless you're as *cough* tech-savvy as me, hehe, and can find the image source w/o my help. ;D


  1. Hey! I stumbled across this blog while searching for a totoro onesie online. Did you say you own one? Where did you get it?! I want one!!!

  2. @kitty-chan: Oh no I wish I did.. I've been Googling for one myself but they all seem a bit mediocre.. Surprisingly the best one I've seen so far was a self-made one made of felt and this guy's (http://needlemage.deviantart.com). I guess you could drop her a message if you're interested.