26 November 2010

have you done yr x'mas shopping yet?

if you haven't, good news! riverkids is having their thanksgiving sale for the next four days, and that means 25% off store-wide! you do a good deed (100% of the proceeds go to the kids in need), AND you save some money! i seriously couldn't ask for more, could you?

so what are you waiting for? go, go, go!

22 November 2010

possibly the coolest thing ever (imo).

ironically, not so in singapore, considering it's a hot and humid country all year round. i would still love to own a totoro hoodie someday though, just not a onesie. here are a couple of really cool animal-inspired jammies that i found recently online though, for those of you out there who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy freezing cold weather annually (or more frequently!):

that wasn't much, i know, but hey, it's not like you can find these any day at your neighborhood shopping mall. leave a comment if you're interested in seeing more (u can ware sharkz too! pluz barez n moar) or buying them, unless you're as *cough* tech-savvy as me, hehe, and can find the image source w/o my help. ;D