29 October 2010

now we all know..

that i've a thing against blogshops. and that i haven't been blogging lately haha, so here i am! but yeah i digress. so, blogshops. why the dislike?

#1. they're usually of inferior quality (ie. cheap cheena f21 fabric that won't last. that's right, you heard me).
#2. they're all mass-produced, & i can bet you that somewhere out there, someone else is selling them, for less or more, who knows. still feel special, kid?
#3. they're all usually in sizes too small for me (uk 6 to 10). it sucks.

i do see some really cute designs once in awhile though, so, being the selfless person that i am, i shall share them here w/ you, my slimmer, "big-spending" counterparts.

photos above cuz i'm too lazy to drag them down. leave a comment if you wanna know where to get any of the above. cuz yup, i'm just too lazy. nobody comes here anyway.

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