29 October 2010

now we all know..

that i've a thing against blogshops. and that i haven't been blogging lately haha, so here i am! but yeah i digress. so, blogshops. why the dislike?

#1. they're usually of inferior quality (ie. cheap cheena f21 fabric that won't last. that's right, you heard me).
#2. they're all mass-produced, & i can bet you that somewhere out there, someone else is selling them, for less or more, who knows. still feel special, kid?
#3. they're all usually in sizes too small for me (uk 6 to 10). it sucks.

i do see some really cute designs once in awhile though, so, being the selfless person that i am, i shall share them here w/ you, my slimmer, "big-spending" counterparts.

photos above cuz i'm too lazy to drag them down. leave a comment if you wanna know where to get any of the above. cuz yup, i'm just too lazy. nobody comes here anyway.

06 October 2010

another one of those quick posts..

w/ just one photo because i'm fatigued beyond yr imagination.

SGD 61.60

available at reebonz now at more than 50% off (& in scarlet leather (SGD113.60) as well!).
grab it before it's too late! sale ends in about eleven hrs from.. now.
i'd buy it if i didn't hv too many bags alr. ]:
stitching doesn't look very well-stitched though, imo.