30 September 2010

gyaru fashion bags.

not everyone can pull off the gyaru style like, for example, one of my fave bloggers cheesie, because firstly, you need to have a face that can carry heavy but of course, pastel-colored make-up, as well as blonde/ash brown hair. more importantly, you also need to be stick-skinny/really slim to carry off the various trends of which usually include plenty of chiffon & lace.

still, that doesn't prevent me from wanting a dose of gyaru fashion.. and as you should (i hope) know by now, i don't usually follow trends. honest! but when/if i do, i would wait 'til i see less people wearing them (i know i'm so slow lol, but it's just weird seeing someone else wearing something identical to yours, y'know?).

anyway, if you are a lover of all things shiny/gyaru, you'd most likely be familiar w/ sequinned kitson bags from los angeles. yes, it's a past trend, however i've only seen two people carry them in the past six months, maybe at most three. plus i love shiny things, all girls do, so of course i couldn't resist getting one. obtaining it was difficult though, esp. since i haven't been to far east plaza for about a year, but i managed to get a pre-loved (used just once, & still looking brand new w/ a tag!) tote for just twenty five bucks. :D

so here, once again, ladies & gents, is my new bag, which i only started using in the middle of last week, so you can forgive me for still being in love w/ it:

i was actually hoping to get the gold+black one below though, due to it's size, cutting, and the fact that i've a couple of rectangular totes shaped like the above. but who knows, hopefully i might be able to grab even a couple this coming nov while i'm in shanghai for a week hehe.

kago bags + fur! featured in one of cheesie's post in 2009 (i told you i was behind on trends lol). cute, but not my style:

i'm tempted to get this from minimaos.com for RM58 (RM20 less than the original price!), but i'm afraid it won't look as cute on me as it might on someone slimmer..

what i really want though, would be a nordic print bag! recently, while at work, i saw two girls carrying them, both barrel-shaped, on the same day! they came by about four hrs apart though, & i happened to see them from a distance while they were on the escalator, so i sadly didn't get a chance to ask them where they got it from.. sigh. wish i could at least find a pic of it somewhere..

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