04 September 2010

baby booties!

i remember passing by a pushcart at raffles city once, and this particular stall had all kindsa cute little clothing for babies. what caught my eye though, was this pair of absolutely adorable totoro booties!

for those of you who do not know me personally, my neighbor totoro is one of my most fave childhood films, so you can imagine how delighted i was. i was soo close to buying it (it's unisex, who knows! maybe someday..), but sadly it was the last pair, and the leaf or something was falling off.
as you can see in my one of my recent posts, i'm kinda in love w/ this local label littleoddforest, and as usual, everything that's cute, colorful, sorta handmade, and original (in other words, indie). so as usual, i was just browsing their site to see if they've anything new/pretty, & i like their tanktops (but not that much), & look at the tiny little darlings that i found!

now if only i had a baby shower to attend/hold.. sigh.

baby maryjanes (piggy blues) @ sgd26.00

cheeky monster baby booties (mint fleece) @ sgd26.00

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