02 August 2010

kiroro house.

now as you all probably know by now, i'm currently working at millenia walk, & in parco, on the second level, is an adorable store called kiroro house that sells clothing from japan, made in japan. they don't hv a website as of yet, but you can go down anytime during retail hrs if you're in the neighborhood i guess.

the point is, i've been lusting after this uber comfy cardigan w/ pockets made of this looovely light, thin but not sheer fabric. i've no idea what it is, my instincts tell me it's cotton, but really? honestly?! well, whatever it is, it's wondertastic. and it costs 70 bucks if i remember correctly.

oh well. it's not like i can decide between the two colors anyway.. light blue or a pretty nude? hm.

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