27 August 2010

who would've thought?

my recent fascination (obsession sometimes): trends. i usually pride myself on not being a blind trend-follower like most singaporean girls (topshop, new look, cotton on, blogshops - quality does not matter! ..NOT). well. i guess trends hv fans for a reason. so, here's a short list of my recent catch on trends:

1) tie-dyed maxi dresses
2) plain ones too
3) ombre ombre ombreee!
5) something nude?
6) sequinned kitson tote bags!! (i particularly like the black+turquoise ones)*
7) chambraaay (not seeing enough of these! which might be a good thing, idk)*

below is the kitson bag that i'm buying online (used only once) for sgd 25.00 even though i was aiming for the regular large tote one.

tbh i'm kinda surprised neither xiaxue or cheesie has one yet; you'd think they'd be the first! what w/ their fancy for gyaru-related stuff.

*UPDATE (2010): 3 items, bought! the kitson tote above, a pair of black rockport clogs for x'mas, & a dark gray chambray skirt from american apparel in shanghai!

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