28 August 2010

another trend: OWLS.

no, it's nothing harry potter-ish, just animal-inspired fashion, eg. cartier's gorgeous panther ring sported by celebs like rachel zoe, gisele bundchen & (urk) "lady" gaga.

the first photo is of a hoot the owl sling purse by local label littleoddforest (sample sale @ fash-bash today & tmr! quickquick rush down to orchard central from 11am to 8pm) while the second would be an owl tote by kate spade. more photos of owl-inspired items on monday!

*update: i'm bored enough right now, so i figured i might as well post the owl necklace from fredflare. i've seen a cheaper version of it in aussie jewellery store diva (just two weeks back or less!), and i've heard that one of their more "atas" competitors, mimco (ion orchard) has one too. so if you want an owl around yr neck, don't hesitate! i'd buy it if it weren't everywhere.

the most common owl-ish accessory however, is of course, RINGS. even 987fm dj rozz has one (and so does her friend!); go read one of her recent posts abt her hk trip on her blog and see if you can find the pic. if i'm not wrong, the little drom store sells similar ones too, but honestly you shouldn't hv a prob finding them, what w/ accessory stores popping up all over the island.

reversing back to the topic of littleoddforest: i've always wanted smthg from them, but tbh, their items are a little too pricey for me. thankfully, today i was lucky enough to be able to reserve one of the hoot the owl sling purses (will post a photo the day after i collect it, which wld be once again, monday!). how, you ask? *coughcough* connections lah. ;D

all i can say is, vouchies.com ftwww! they've the coolest gift ideas (as of late, POSTCARDENs, nuabs, and one of their very first: cardboard boomboxes doubling as iPod speakers) at discounted prices. what's best is that they offer more than that i.e f&b vouchers (you get to try new places AND save $$), etc. etc.

& no, this is not a mini-advert; i just feel that they're worth sharing, that's all.

but wait, you don't hv a credit card? not to worry, you don't need paypal, just cash! all you gotta do is contact them to reserve an item of yr fancy, and then go straight to orchard central during office hrs to collect them (at yr convenience, of course).

yup, it's just that simple! :D i ended up getting two POSTCARDENs btw. the botanical one for mum, and the soccer-field one for dad lol. :x

*FURTHER UPDATE: lmao i saw the owl necklace i mentioned above from diva TWICE in less than an hr when i went to orchard rd ystd! see i told you so.

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