28 August 2010

another trend: OWLS.

no, it's nothing harry potter-ish, just animal-inspired fashion, eg. cartier's gorgeous panther ring sported by celebs like rachel zoe, gisele bundchen & (urk) "lady" gaga.

the first photo is of a hoot the owl sling purse by local label littleoddforest (sample sale @ fash-bash today & tmr! quickquick rush down to orchard central from 11am to 8pm) while the second would be an owl tote by kate spade. more photos of owl-inspired items on monday!

*update: i'm bored enough right now, so i figured i might as well post the owl necklace from fredflare. i've seen a cheaper version of it in aussie jewellery store diva (just two weeks back or less!), and i've heard that one of their more "atas" competitors, mimco (ion orchard) has one too. so if you want an owl around yr neck, don't hesitate! i'd buy it if it weren't everywhere.

the most common owl-ish accessory however, is of course, RINGS. even 987fm dj rozz has one (and so does her friend!); go read one of her recent posts abt her hk trip on her blog and see if you can find the pic. if i'm not wrong, the little drom store sells similar ones too, but honestly you shouldn't hv a prob finding them, what w/ accessory stores popping up all over the island.

reversing back to the topic of littleoddforest: i've always wanted smthg from them, but tbh, their items are a little too pricey for me. thankfully, today i was lucky enough to be able to reserve one of the hoot the owl sling purses (will post a photo the day after i collect it, which wld be once again, monday!). how, you ask? *coughcough* connections lah. ;D

all i can say is, vouchies.com ftwww! they've the coolest gift ideas (as of late, POSTCARDENs, nuabs, and one of their very first: cardboard boomboxes doubling as iPod speakers) at discounted prices. what's best is that they offer more than that i.e f&b vouchers (you get to try new places AND save $$), etc. etc.

& no, this is not a mini-advert; i just feel that they're worth sharing, that's all.

but wait, you don't hv a credit card? not to worry, you don't need paypal, just cash! all you gotta do is contact them to reserve an item of yr fancy, and then go straight to orchard central during office hrs to collect them (at yr convenience, of course).

yup, it's just that simple! :D i ended up getting two POSTCARDENs btw. the botanical one for mum, and the soccer-field one for dad lol. :x

*FURTHER UPDATE: lmao i saw the owl necklace i mentioned above from diva TWICE in less than an hr when i went to orchard rd ystd! see i told you so.

27 August 2010

who would've thought?

my recent fascination (obsession sometimes): trends. i usually pride myself on not being a blind trend-follower like most singaporean girls (topshop, new look, cotton on, blogshops - quality does not matter! ..NOT). well. i guess trends hv fans for a reason. so, here's a short list of my recent catch on trends:

1) tie-dyed maxi dresses
2) plain ones too
3) ombre ombre ombreee!
5) something nude?
6) sequinned kitson tote bags!! (i particularly like the black+turquoise ones)*
7) chambraaay (not seeing enough of these! which might be a good thing, idk)*

below is the kitson bag that i'm buying online (used only once) for sgd 25.00 even though i was aiming for the regular large tote one.

tbh i'm kinda surprised neither xiaxue or cheesie has one yet; you'd think they'd be the first! what w/ their fancy for gyaru-related stuff.

*UPDATE (2010): 3 items, bought! the kitson tote above, a pair of black rockport clogs for x'mas, & a dark gray chambray skirt from american apparel in shanghai!

20 August 2010

things i would buy from quixotic inc...

if they weren't sold out, or i had the extra cash to spare.

19 August 2010

plants in a postcard?!

i just found something perfect for a gift to my parents; my mum's going overseas next saturday to stay w/ my dad who's currently working in china.

what's even better, is that vouchies.com is selling these for sgd15.00 instead of 22! now all i need to do is find a whole lotta other people to buy some so i can too..

*UPDATE: getting mine next monday from orchard central! seems that you can pay directly in cash upon collection too if you don't hv a credit card like me. (:

flats for work!

yes, i know i bought a pair of high heels for work not long ago, but uhmm. i want flats! pref. ones that i can wear to work. ridiculous, i know.. but a girl can lust! and lust and lust.. anyway, i've always wanted a pair of jelly shoes, so who else better to look to (apart from chanel) but melissa!

i loveloveloove her collaboration w/ vivienne westwood; everytime i past by the tyan boutique at millenia walk, my eyes go straight to the heels w/ hearts on them. aieee.

the ones above however, after browsing through the black range on the official melissa website, are by far my fave.

14 August 2010

new shoes for work!

and finally, kitten heels! w/ a lovely subtle "lace" imprint (that's only visible under light), and a little shoelace to tie! it's almost everything i ever wanted in a pair of pumps! plus they're made of italian leather.

rrp: $109.90 (if i rmb correctly)
amt spent instead: $49.90

got them ystd at the ongoing robinsons expo sale; better hurry there asap before 22 aug! they're awesome brands like island shop & fox for clothes, plus steve madden, fly london, nine west, & of course, stile for shoes! lots more there too lah of course, but these are the ones i figured are most worth mentioning.

go google for more info lah, you lazy bum! no links this time, too hungry.

05 August 2010

aiya, hermes..

i used to think i wanted the kelly bag that jackie o had.. now i realize it's the constance shoulder bag (brown pls! electric blue's harder to match).

all the pradas & kate spades can piss off now.
i kid, i kid.

*UPDATE (4/09): saw it ystd in the store display outside ngee ann city! it was like love at first sight.. sigh. someday, someday.

03 August 2010

dark matte charcoal tipped w/ nude?

i'd love to do my nails sometime.. i'm pretty hard-up for a manicure bargain though, so unless i'm getting it for 10 bucks or less, it's not gonna happen. navy nails would be nice though, tipped w/ a light gray. polka dots are cute too, but meh idk.. am tempted to do pastels too, but i figure they might be a tad too girly for my style.

now. if only i could stop biting my nails..

02 August 2010

kiroro house.

now as you all probably know by now, i'm currently working at millenia walk, & in parco, on the second level, is an adorable store called kiroro house that sells clothing from japan, made in japan. they don't hv a website as of yet, but you can go down anytime during retail hrs if you're in the neighborhood i guess.

the point is, i've been lusting after this uber comfy cardigan w/ pockets made of this looovely light, thin but not sheer fabric. i've no idea what it is, my instincts tell me it's cotton, but really? honestly?! well, whatever it is, it's wondertastic. and it costs 70 bucks if i remember correctly.

oh well. it's not like i can decide between the two colors anyway.. light blue or a pretty nude? hm.