16 July 2010

zouk - flea & easy.

went to the recent zouk flea last sunday w/ a friend who's back from sydney for the hols. she was a bit apprehensive at first (the last bazaar i dragged her to - MAAD + fashbash (two-too), wasn't as fruitful as this one), but at least we both got something this time, regardless of how small.

she got a pre-worn maxi dress, handmade bracelet & ring, while i got a vintage flower brooch from dustbunny vintage, & a scrabble ring w/ of course, the first letter of my name on it. always wanted one of those, hehe. no clothes for me cuz the sellers were all mostly pretty little things, pfft. did try on a black topshop toga romper sized uk12 though, but the ruffles did me no favors.
will post photos as soon as i get time to (new job @ millenia walk, not deja vu vintage!).

for the time being though, here's the brooch!

sadly didn't get a chance to take photos of buddy's buys.

*UPDATE: my scrabble piece fell off. fml. hope bf'll help me fix it w/ his glue gun. ]:
**FURTHER UPDATE: i wore the vintage flower brooch for cny on a gray cardi last-min; it added an instant perk-me-up, loved it! think i'll save it for "special" occasions.

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