15 May 2010

playsuit alert!!

i dropped by antipodean after work a few days back to get my copy of this month's issue of CATALOG & to try on the denim dress (by posse) below (but fml it's gone! serves me right for not returning sooner argh). all's not lost though, cuz as usual, there's always something for me to try on!

i remember the first time i tried something there; it was this really cute white bodycon dress with a bandage skirt & like, a fish-scale net top? uhmm.. think a normal, tank-cut top, but with fish scale patterns cut out! blah i suck at describing things. oh well, the last time i checked, it was still there, but be warned! i think they only have a uk size 10 & 14.. or probably neither! aiya just go look lah, it's really really cute! sucks that i'm a size 12..

but it's okay! cuz i found another white bodycon dress that i really like! and i tried it! and it nearly fit! but guess what. as always, it's just ONE SIZE too small for me. just one size! had this weird unsightly bulge of fabric on my tummy cuz i couldn't pull the skirt down properly. why, you ask? BECAUSE MY ASS IS TOO BIG, fml. this one was less unique but prettier in my opinion; the top was crafted of this fine lace, and there was this slight pleated details below that stretched downwards.. and most importantly, it'll look flattering on any figure (esp. a pear-shaped one like mine). sigh.

anyway, the girl at the counter that day had this cute orangey bobbed hairdo, and she was wearing something along the lines of feminine, romantic vintage. but that's not the point! we basically got into a conversation about topshop, which lead to her recommending asos & giving urban outfitters the thumbs down. apparently their arty-farty indie photos are super misleading: the quality of their clothes fail!!

so why asos? well firstly their shipping fees are at flat rates (10.50sgd, i checked), so you can binge-shop (w/ yr friends, of course), AND their jersey maxi dresses are mega comfy. i'm more interested in playsuits though, which is harder for me since..

1) i can't get away w/ half of them! too revealing & all that, plus they tend to be tube-topped.
2) they're not exactly easy to find (acquired taste maybe? definitely seasonal too..).
3) tight budget lah, you know how it is..

which brings me to my next point:

NOW $71.02, for a Sophie Hulme For ASOS Exclusive Shirt Playsuit, you say?
..sorry, cannot. ):
so yeah. oh well. i can only hope (& pray!) that i'll find something equally nice in genting this coming monday. if i remember correctly there's a mango outlet, but yeesh they really need to work on taking care of their stuff; i remember seeing frayed clothes here & there.. the wallets are always the worst off.. and those crumpled belts too.. urgh.

*NOTE: LBDs are out this season, in case you were unaware. white's the color for spring & summer, & so it shall be!

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