14 May 2010

blogger's wardrobe.

yup, this is yet another post about m'sian blogger cheesie. she travels around the world quite a bit (especially to japan), is craaazy about everything japanese (esp. the clothes!), & while i'm not so crazy about liz lisa and the whole popteen-ish gyaru look, i like her. i like her "cheat one" catchphrases, her make-up tips (i know, i don't even wear any!), and most importantly, i love seeing the latest outfit she's come up with.

yes, it may not be my style, but hey, like any other girl who enjoys borrowing outdated harper's bazaars & such from the nearest library, i appreciate pretty, colorful things.

but! isn't this blog about shopping for pretty things, & not just looking at them, you say? well here you go: http://wardrobe.cheeserland.com. this is where you can find all her japanese imports (BNWT anyone?), and other bits and pieces that she's grown weary of.. some m'sian, some japanese. pity i can't fit into anything, but oh well, it's always good to stay updated. never know, right!

another bonus would be the few japanese fashion mags (jelly, ViVi, scawaii, etc.) she painstakingly scanned (or downloaded, not sure) that are available for everyone (esp. closet fans of japanese fashion) to browse! sure it's not as big as the real thing, but it's sure as hell better than nothing, plus it's pretty darn sweet of her too.

*UPDATE (15/06/2011): 'like' her on facebook (search 'Cheeserland') or follow her on Twitter @cheesie to see photos of her (almost) daily outfits (filed under 'useless fashion' lolol)! she was recently featured on tokyo kawaii fyi & has since started gyaru circle 'foruchizu' w/ fellow blogger audrey.

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