03 April 2010

silly girl.

what a silly girl i've been. i just realized this three days ago, while i was digging through my entire closet (AND luggage), that i've no shoes to wear with at least 192358 outfits, & they're the prettiest (aka the ones i don't wear often enough, since i'm always saving them for "special" occasions, but eh f*ck it! if other girls can dress up to go to orchard, well then so can i too). i really can't bear to sell them! ):

i've been thinking of selling some of my graphic tees though (mostly from threadless, where else lol), but i still feel like i'm not ready to "grow up" yet.. i do need the cash to spend on some nice versatile, comfy basics for casual-but-not-shabby everyday wear. stuff that's esp. practical in this relentless, horribly baking humid weather. but oh well. worse comes to worst, i guess i'll just post a few tees up for a week or two.. whatever remains unsold remains mine. ; ;


i really need to set some time aside though, to photograph & post my stuff up properly,
plus i absolutely gotta spread my link around. i got a new job recently like about less than a week ago? and i barely have time to do anything but sleep, attend lectures usually in the morning, & attend to my personal life (aka just him). eurgh. but yeah. it's stupid having a commission-based job. ima give it a month though, or less if it really doesn't work out & i'm not earning as much as i should..

anyway, if you're looking to buy a pair of those much-talked-(& lest to say, debated) about fitflops, i suggest you come to cococlub in holland v. they're having a promotion where three of their walkstars in three basic colors are going at 20% off! plus all their dresses, tops & accessories (
exclusive solely to cococlub) are at min. 10% off; apparel at max. 50% off. they've got some cute straw sunhats & tote bags too, so do go down & take a look. i already bought a really cute brown woven choker made of white shells, & it just goes perfect w/ this black american eagle dress i got for 15sgd online. now if only i can get a pair of shoes.. who knows, maybe i'll be able to wait 'til the annual gss!

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