07 April 2010

flea markets, bazaars & warehouse sales.

they're both the same thing, really - nice nice things at cheap cheap prices. i've missed out oh soo many, that i can't even count them anymore! but then again it's mostly due to my poor memory. hurts too much to remember, really. )':

the ones that will always stay fresh in my mind would be the annual club 21 bazaar (which i somehow never fail to know about only a few days later), & the much talked about pedder warehouse sale which happened just last month (bf refused to let me go; pointed out i needed to stick to my budget, fml), & most importantly, the haji lane flea markets! that one pains me the most; they always suka-suka anyhow organize one whenever it pleases them to, & when i finally learn about them, it's always when i spot photos on some lucky b*tch's blog & her list of purchases, & at the end, her stupid, spastically-happy "i got everything i ever wanted, did you?" face plastered at the bottom of her post, sometimes even worse, she's clutching all of her beloved new items!! argh.

i always console myself though, & tell myself that i don't hv the cash to spend anyways (but who the f*ck am i kidding, i'd f*cking rob the bank if i had to!), & that someday, when i get a proper, better-paying, full-time job, i'll spend all i want & not have to miss out on the joy that buying pretty pretty things bring! i'll finally have the chance to launch into a shopping spree like no man has ever seen before, rip anyone who gets in my way apart, grab all that i want, & be happy. sigh. just like the good ol' days in sydney. oh well.

that day, my friends, will be coming soon. the moment i've saved up enough for a nice pair of shoes (flats/kitten heels, we'll see), this wonderful, wonderful opportunity for me to just soak in all that is of course, wonderful, & obviously, pretty is happ
ening in approx. twenty-two days time.

i've been to quite a number of bazaars/fleamarkets in my time here, of which include: the ever famous & overrated FLEA.FLY.FLO.FUN (utterly disappointing; it was all mostly lousy products from overstocked blogshops, so i didn't buy anything there), the awesome FashBash (where i first discovered about luxurious island local label reshamm! bought a really cute, colorful beaded beetle hair clip from them; also got an awesome black hoodie jacket made of knitted material from idk-what-or-where), the oh-so-fun-i-can-&-will-never-stop-going-to MAAD bazaar (have you had the pleasure of meeting hungry? him & (white dog) bobby are just soo adorable!), & a few other unmemorable events. i mis
sed out again on a recent one, but i shan't talk much about that since it was more about the free admission to a bunch of museums than the accompanying flea market i was interested in..

anyway i'm so, soo excited, so excited i can no longer hold it in it. ladies, i present to you the very first BLUEPRINT, TWO-OH-ONE-OH. there is nothing that appeals to me more than the SAMPLE SALES. that's right, one-of-a-kind, one-off, nobody-else-has-them-just-you, SAMPLES. [insert heart]

can't wait! :D


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