22 April 2010


some girls just can't get enough. & if you're one of these girls, the names
louboutin & ferragamo should sound familiar to you. both brands are famous for their iconic shoes: the deliciously sinful red soles, and of course, the classic vara pumps.

i was wandering around on the first floor of
bukit timah plaza while waiting for bf to show up so we could do our grocery shopping, & surprise surprise, somewhere opposite an optical store & hardware store, is a boutique w/ pretty shoes in the window display. i forgot the name, but i'll be sure to return there, & when i do, you can rest assured that i'll post it up here, & who knows, maybe even w/ photos!

anyway, what's more important are the shoes that i saw: black, lacy louboutin heels, & varas in a variety of colors! the two things that dampened my spirits were that firstly, the store was closed, and the louboutins were placed directly next to a pair of.. liu lius. WTF RIGHT. were they meant to be a rip off miu miu? god knows..

yeah. i've absolutely no idea at the moment if they're the real deal though, cuz to be fair, the store was, like i said, closed, so it was pretty dark inside. i did manage to peer at the inside sole of the louboutins though, & truth be told, the 'c' of 'christian' seems a wee little suspicious, & the sole cushions of the varas don't quite seem to fit in properly.. oh well! i guess i'll never know 'til i try them on. :D

*EDIT: i went back last week at around five-ish & guess what, still closed! AAARGH. liddat how to do business??! nabeh lah. i saw a pair of electric blue miss sixty jeans hanging on the right though; i doubt they're in my size, but electric blue's such a delicious color.. sigh. oh well. fingers crossed for next time!!

*UPDATE: okay i went back a couple of weeks back on a sunday afternoon, & tadah! OPEN. BUT. bf wanted to rush to imm though, so i only had time to go through all their shoes, find out they don't have any of my big*ss feet sizes, so AH F*CK IT. then i went through one of their clothes racks, spotted a dress by marni, didn't like it (can't even remember what it looks like! had lotsa colors though), & then i got dragged off. oh well. doesn't seem like they're going anywhere anytime soon. they've another branch at novena square too if i'm not wrong. can't for the life of me remember the opening hours (they close at seven, i think?). fleh.

07 April 2010

flea markets, bazaars & warehouse sales.

they're both the same thing, really - nice nice things at cheap cheap prices. i've missed out oh soo many, that i can't even count them anymore! but then again it's mostly due to my poor memory. hurts too much to remember, really. )':

the ones that will always stay fresh in my mind would be the annual club 21 bazaar (which i somehow never fail to know about only a few days later), & the much talked about pedder warehouse sale which happened just last month (bf refused to let me go; pointed out i needed to stick to my budget, fml), & most importantly, the haji lane flea markets! that one pains me the most; they always suka-suka anyhow organize one whenever it pleases them to, & when i finally learn about them, it's always when i spot photos on some lucky b*tch's blog & her list of purchases, & at the end, her stupid, spastically-happy "i got everything i ever wanted, did you?" face plastered at the bottom of her post, sometimes even worse, she's clutching all of her beloved new items!! argh.

i always console myself though, & tell myself that i don't hv the cash to spend anyways (but who the f*ck am i kidding, i'd f*cking rob the bank if i had to!), & that someday, when i get a proper, better-paying, full-time job, i'll spend all i want & not have to miss out on the joy that buying pretty pretty things bring! i'll finally have the chance to launch into a shopping spree like no man has ever seen before, rip anyone who gets in my way apart, grab all that i want, & be happy. sigh. just like the good ol' days in sydney. oh well.

that day, my friends, will be coming soon. the moment i've saved up enough for a nice pair of shoes (flats/kitten heels, we'll see), this wonderful, wonderful opportunity for me to just soak in all that is of course, wonderful, & obviously, pretty is happ
ening in approx. twenty-two days time.

i've been to quite a number of bazaars/fleamarkets in my time here, of which include: the ever famous & overrated FLEA.FLY.FLO.FUN (utterly disappointing; it was all mostly lousy products from overstocked blogshops, so i didn't buy anything there), the awesome FashBash (where i first discovered about luxurious island local label reshamm! bought a really cute, colorful beaded beetle hair clip from them; also got an awesome black hoodie jacket made of knitted material from idk-what-or-where), the oh-so-fun-i-can-&-will-never-stop-going-to MAAD bazaar (have you had the pleasure of meeting hungry? him & (white dog) bobby are just soo adorable!), & a few other unmemorable events. i mis
sed out again on a recent one, but i shan't talk much about that since it was more about the free admission to a bunch of museums than the accompanying flea market i was interested in..

anyway i'm so, soo excited, so excited i can no longer hold it in it. ladies, i present to you the very first BLUEPRINT, TWO-OH-ONE-OH. there is nothing that appeals to me more than the SAMPLE SALES. that's right, one-of-a-kind, one-off, nobody-else-has-them-just-you, SAMPLES. [insert heart]

can't wait! :D


03 April 2010

silly girl.

what a silly girl i've been. i just realized this three days ago, while i was digging through my entire closet (AND luggage), that i've no shoes to wear with at least 192358 outfits, & they're the prettiest (aka the ones i don't wear often enough, since i'm always saving them for "special" occasions, but eh f*ck it! if other girls can dress up to go to orchard, well then so can i too). i really can't bear to sell them! ):

i've been thinking of selling some of my graphic tees though (mostly from threadless, where else lol), but i still feel like i'm not ready to "grow up" yet.. i do need the cash to spend on some nice versatile, comfy basics for casual-but-not-shabby everyday wear. stuff that's esp. practical in this relentless, horribly baking humid weather. but oh well. worse comes to worst, i guess i'll just post a few tees up for a week or two.. whatever remains unsold remains mine. ; ;


i really need to set some time aside though, to photograph & post my stuff up properly,
plus i absolutely gotta spread my link around. i got a new job recently like about less than a week ago? and i barely have time to do anything but sleep, attend lectures usually in the morning, & attend to my personal life (aka just him). eurgh. but yeah. it's stupid having a commission-based job. ima give it a month though, or less if it really doesn't work out & i'm not earning as much as i should..

anyway, if you're looking to buy a pair of those much-talked-(& lest to say, debated) about fitflops, i suggest you come to cococlub in holland v. they're having a promotion where three of their walkstars in three basic colors are going at 20% off! plus all their dresses, tops & accessories (
exclusive solely to cococlub) are at min. 10% off; apparel at max. 50% off. they've got some cute straw sunhats & tote bags too, so do go down & take a look. i already bought a really cute brown woven choker made of white shells, & it just goes perfect w/ this black american eagle dress i got for 15sgd online. now if only i can get a pair of shoes.. who knows, maybe i'll be able to wait 'til the annual gss!