23 March 2010

queen of hearts.

i just watched alice in wonderland this afternoon, & since this is my blog, i might as well say this here & now: it was nice. somewhere in between pleasant & decent, i'd say. it was as if tim burton got bored & decided to go crazy w/ a palette of colors.. idk, it just felt like, the plot, though exciting & action-packed, just wasn't developed enough.. good job on the special effects though. i liked how everything, especially the background setting, was deliberately made to look fake. i feel it really adds to the surrealistic feel of it; the colors only maxed it up.


i think anne hathaway (the white queen) should have dyed her eyebrows the same color as her hair. then again, they may have been aiming for a contrast.. something to match her lips & nails perhaps? :/

but oh well. like cheesie, & probably every other girl who considers shopping/fashion not just another obsession, but a vital element in her life, i was inspired. the dresses alice wore maaarvelous, & need i say more about the hats?!

..okay fine, not inspired. that's way too "creative" for me. i guess i'm just not like that. i am however, craving for something in a pretty "alice" blue. not quite sky blue (too nancy-looking), not too dark like robin's egg blue either.. i'll know it when i see it. sigh. damn you, shopping urges.. damn. you.

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