05 February 2010

lingerie for cny?

now i know you're gonna love & hate me for this, but it's really not my fault; i only just received this e-mail an exact 49 min (according to gmail) ago, & really, i wish i got this sooner, i really do. even better, i wish i could go, but i've got work, so instead of making my loss your loss as well, i've (very) generously decided to share this w/ you girls out there.

singapore's been lucky enough to have la senza as well as the recently opened victoria's secret (if you ask me they're all too overpriced for the level of "workmanship" they put into their china-made products), but if you're looking for something that not everyone on this little island knows about (despite it being featured on razortv before), then i suggest you try s'porean lingerie store kooshi. now i've no idea what brands they retail, but i do know that the apparel they offer looks to be the comfiest (& more importantly, w/o comprising chicness & style) i've seen locally. seriously, in my opinion, e2 looks like somewhere geylang hookers would shop, while la senza & victoria's secret are overrated.

so anyway, back to the e-mail.

need i say more?

if you're interested to know more about their stuff, here's their website, plus you can find them on twitter as well as facebook.