06 January 2010


just yesterday i went to people's park food centre w/ my parents; been years since i last went to the second floor. it used to be full of soo many crappy stores w/ blogshop-quality cheena clothes. it still is, but the reason why my mum brought me there was cuz one of my aunts brought her to a store there (flora's collection or something) which retailed authentic anna sui clothes & stuff. apparently my aunt got some pretty bustiers there, so my mum thought i might wanna take a look since we were there for dinner. turns out it was closed for the day though (no idea why), but there was more!
we decided to look around, & guess what! i found a store selling really cute retro-ish clothes & accessories, all handmade w/ kimono prints! idk if they're genuinely authentic vintage kimono fabric, but they're really pretty & handmade, so that's good enough for me. (: the proprietor (aunty alice) is really friendly & is more than keen to share her creations; she has been doing this for two years! plus she offers tailoring services, which is especially useful when the in-store range doesn't fit you; if i remember correctly, it's an extra twenty bucks, & she needs at least a month in advance.

i recognized her from the last maad bazaar i went to (i think it was in de
cember last month) w/ a friend & remember her cuz her clothes were all so adorable but too small.. i honestly can't tell you which clothes/accessories from her store that i love, love love, cuz really, i'm sure if you go right down there, you'd definitely be able to find something to buy! pity they're all quite pricey though (imo), but you can be quite sure you wouldn't see someone else wearing the exact same thing as you!

she has bangles, belts, dresses, jackets, tops, & oh so much more! i bought a
blue waist-belt (photo below) for 35sgd to go w/ two dresses of mine; i've been looking for something sky-blue, but this is well worth it! atm she's having this holiday promotion where members get 25% off, & normies like us get a discount of 10%. idk how long it'll last for, so i suggest you contact her at her blogspot site before you head down to the store.

it was either this or a red lightly-checkered one w/ cute little japanese dolls printed all over it.
do take note that different belts have different buckles; small details though, so i doubt you'd mind much if you really like the pattern.

fave bracelet in the little basket full of accessories; i think it's cute how she made the cloth (printed w/ red roses all over) into actual rosebuds. :D
insisted that i put it on after very nicely letting me take photos of her place & stuff. (:

shopfront (above) & inside (bottom).

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