08 January 2010

LATE EDITED POST: wallet pls!

my friend & i've this feeling that i've been dropping money out of my current wallet due to it's design, so i've decided it's about time for me to get a new one! now, as always, i'm torn between two choices: old vs new. nothing new, i know, i know.. like most girls, i couldn't help but get sucked into the vintage-craze (i like pretty colors, i really do), yet at the same time, as much as i don't really want to admit it, i love branded stuff. but really, who can blame me? high quality is worth paying for! isn't it better to invest into something you love, & that'll last you for maybe a decade? yup, yet another dilemma: indie or designer? tsktsk.. my colleague at work is only seventeen, & she's already obsessing whether to buy a juicy couture wallet or a coach wristlet w/ her next paycheck! sigh, kids these days..
i know some of you out there are probably already smirking smugly to yourself, thinking the answer is so plain & simple: get a vintage [insert brand]!

point is, why would i pay more for something that's
pre-owned? i might as well buy a brand new kate spade wallet! i've been eyeing the long, rectangular ones w/ a flap-over cover that'll prevent my notes & cards from falling out ever since i came upon haute avenue & the more well-known reebonz..
but on the other hand, what if there is that illustrious, ideal vintage accessory: authentic, in good condition, & more importantly, one-of-a-kind?! hence i went on etsy (again, i just can't help myself); it only made sense that after a number of unsuccessful hunts in haji lane & the thieves' market on sungei rd, that i should at least try online before giving up.

& yes, i admit, i may have strayed a bit, but i endeavored to stay on track, & these are what i found:

vintage eel skin wallet from primitivepincushion at 10.50usd
(love the colors!)

perfect wallet by happykathy for 29usd
(quite reminiscent of desigual, don'tcha think?)

i still think ima save up for that coveted long kate spade wallet though.

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