05 January 2010


just last month i bought a pair of delightful pink slippers for a friend's mom at 5usd via iBanking (i was expecting chocolates from robinson's; she got me an anna sui perfume giftbox instead, gd lord) from an online charity shop. this giftshop is none other than the riverkids shop. they sell all sorts of items, ranging from gorgeous accessories like silk bracelets & scarves, to handmade greeting cards & innovative wallets! all of these are (if i'm not wrong) handmade, and best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to helping victims of child trafficking! what's more is that if you're in singapore, they'll provide free postage, & if you want, a nice glossy monochromatic giftcard too! i didn't take a picture of the one they sent me last time w/ my slippers, but it's basically a bunch of laughing/smiling cambodian kids on the cover, w/ the heading "riverkids" in a black banner on top.

here are some lovely things i plan to buy in the future, either for myself or as gifts, i haven't decided yet:

recycled nylon wallet (black+orange) @ 25 15usd!
made from trash bags

made of silk

*all photo credits go to The Riverkids Shop

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