22 January 2010

oz dresses!

i studied in sydney for a year back in 2008 & guess what people, i hated it. mainly because my parents were there with me, but oh well. i've to admit though, i lovedlovedLOVED their warehouse sales. it helped that their fashion scene was more, developed, i'd say, than compared to singapore's, what with all their local designers popping up, dressing up some notable international celebs.

a good example would be one of my fave fashion icons,
dita von teese (photo below), wearing wheels & dollbaby. even the lowe sisters, katy perry, kelly osbourne, pam anderson, lily allen, kate moss, one of hefner's ex-girlfriends bridget marquardt & amy winehouse have been seen wearing her creations! now if that doesn't add on to her street cred then idk what would.

(credits to the wheel & dollbaby site)

anyway, i'm what you might call a newsletter-junkie, ie. i can't stop myself from subscribing to updates from any websites that i like, even if i've only visited them once! it's linked to one of those common syndromes people in modern society have i guess, always wanting to be informed & stay on top of what's happening in the world, which is what pushes us to follow celeb blogs & tweet 24/7.

today i got one of the usual online sale notifications from australian flavor & i figured i might as well browse a bit since i had nothing else (apart from my homework assignment, but that's a different story) to do. apparently they're clearing some stock (prices have been slashed to their final limit!) AND offering
an additional 20% off! what's even better is that they're applying it to new arrivals too! so if you've friends currently living in australia, & you want something that you probably won't see anywhere else in s'pore, you know what to do! just remember to use the code "Jandiscount20" before 31st jan 2010 when you check-out your items.

Mother Maria Love Tree Dress* @ 149AUD before further 20%
(available in sizes 6, 8, & 10)
Nookie Sweetest Thing Frill Dress* @ 99.95AUD before further 20%
(available in sizes 10 & 12)

*photos taken from Australian Flavor

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