29 January 2010

o.p.i. + dell?!

i'm constantly on the look-out for things (i've an actual list of things i wanna buy that i keep on desktop), & at the moment i've been on a mad hunt for nude nail polish, preferably matte & w/ as little pink-tinge as possible. not easy, as you can imagine, & yes i know, serves me right for being so particular, but honestly who wouldn't be when you're spending your own hard-earned money!

anyway, i was browsing through various cosmetic websites like sally hansen, o.p.i., m.a.c. (i need to get their eyeliner!), revlon, chanel & christian dior (my parents are returning from overseas & who knows, they might just feel generous enough to get me something from dfs) & i just saw the most amaazing idea i'm sure is a first! idk if you guys know about it yet, but imo it's the perfect concept to cater to both fashion and tech-savvy girl who loves both her colors & gadgets (or to be more precise, nails & laptops)!

introducing.. the ultimate upgrade.

basically o.p.i. & dell are collaborating to give you the option to match your nail polish of yr choice w/ your laptop cover. now idk if this is available in singapore, but i still say this is definitely worth checking it out. them lucky americans! pity i'm not a fan of dell after buying their desktop (my theory: two different products, same quality). funny how they didn't release this before/during x'mas though (or did they? i'm kinda behind times sometimes..).

now why can't they do the same for other (ie. better) laptops like say acer or hp (yes i know, they've vivienne tam on-board, design-your-laptop contests & all sortsa other marketing gimmicks, but nothing as original/fresh as this!)? oh well, at least this'll give me more time to save up (as if!) for a larger but thinner laptop (i'm thinking hp?). i guess i'm stuck w/ my bulky, mini eee notebook for the time being.. not gonna pimp it up or anything cuz i feel that'll just be a waste of time & money (i've already got a spoilt loose usb cable port, so i say f*ck it). god i can be so abusive & careless sometimes.. adding on to the ever-growing new year resolution list!

*edit: heh, i was so excited about this (despite the fact that i'm using an asus) that i researched this after i blogged. anyway, turns out this service was available from nov 2009 (i knew it!) in the states, no idea if it's available in singapore yet though..

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