07 January 2010


recently i've been keeping an eye out for a 3/4-sleeved/long-sleeved hoodie dress, so i decided to search some of the well-known american brands blogshops are so fond of having sprees at, like urban outfitters, hollister, a&f, american eagle, aeropostale, etc. & i figured american apparel had the best chance of carrying them. true enough, they had a few variations of it; but not what i was looking for. one looked too thick for me, & since it's made of fleece, i guessed that it'd probably be more suitable for winter. the second one was too short & had horizontal stripes, while the third one was sleeveless.. last one just wasn't for me; too loose-fitting for my liking, as i had something more clingy & figure-hugging in mind. i must mention though, that i did spot a cute dress on american apparel (photo below).

Printed Sweetheart Two-Tone Mini Dress @ 87USD, from
American Apparel
comes in five different other prints)

so anyway, i did a search on etsy; it's famous for being the eBay of indie american designers/entrepreneurs. figured it was worth a shot, & voilĂ , i was not disappointed! except for the price tag; sadly 47usd is waay too high above my budget. it comes in hand-dyed earthy colors too; i tend to favor those, since bright colors aren't really my thing.. personally i wouldn't recommend them to girls w/ my body shape, unless used somewhat in moderation or less (bottom layer ie. strikingly-colored top under black jacket?).

comes in nine colors & four sizes!
(click here or on either photo* above)

*(all photo credits go to respectively linked sites! obviouslyyy.)

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