29 January 2010

o.p.i. + dell?!

i'm constantly on the look-out for things (i've an actual list of things i wanna buy that i keep on desktop), & at the moment i've been on a mad hunt for nude nail polish, preferably matte & w/ as little pink-tinge as possible. not easy, as you can imagine, & yes i know, serves me right for being so particular, but honestly who wouldn't be when you're spending your own hard-earned money!

anyway, i was browsing through various cosmetic websites like sally hansen, o.p.i., m.a.c. (i need to get their eyeliner!), revlon, chanel & christian dior (my parents are returning from overseas & who knows, they might just feel generous enough to get me something from dfs) & i just saw the most amaazing idea i'm sure is a first! idk if you guys know about it yet, but imo it's the perfect concept to cater to both fashion and tech-savvy girl who loves both her colors & gadgets (or to be more precise, nails & laptops)!

introducing.. the ultimate upgrade.

basically o.p.i. & dell are collaborating to give you the option to match your nail polish of yr choice w/ your laptop cover. now idk if this is available in singapore, but i still say this is definitely worth checking it out. them lucky americans! pity i'm not a fan of dell after buying their desktop (my theory: two different products, same quality). funny how they didn't release this before/during x'mas though (or did they? i'm kinda behind times sometimes..).

now why can't they do the same for other (ie. better) laptops like say acer or hp (yes i know, they've vivienne tam on-board, design-your-laptop contests & all sortsa other marketing gimmicks, but nothing as original/fresh as this!)? oh well, at least this'll give me more time to save up (as if!) for a larger but thinner laptop (i'm thinking hp?). i guess i'm stuck w/ my bulky, mini eee notebook for the time being.. not gonna pimp it up or anything cuz i feel that'll just be a waste of time & money (i've already got a spoilt loose usb cable port, so i say f*ck it). god i can be so abusive & careless sometimes.. adding on to the ever-growing new year resolution list!

*edit: heh, i was so excited about this (despite the fact that i'm using an asus) that i researched this after i blogged. anyway, turns out this service was available from nov 2009 (i knew it!) in the states, no idea if it's available in singapore yet though..

22 January 2010

oz dresses!

i studied in sydney for a year back in 2008 & guess what people, i hated it. mainly because my parents were there with me, but oh well. i've to admit though, i lovedlovedLOVED their warehouse sales. it helped that their fashion scene was more, developed, i'd say, than compared to singapore's, what with all their local designers popping up, dressing up some notable international celebs.

a good example would be one of my fave fashion icons,
dita von teese (photo below), wearing wheels & dollbaby. even the lowe sisters, katy perry, kelly osbourne, pam anderson, lily allen, kate moss, one of hefner's ex-girlfriends bridget marquardt & amy winehouse have been seen wearing her creations! now if that doesn't add on to her street cred then idk what would.

(credits to the wheel & dollbaby site)

anyway, i'm what you might call a newsletter-junkie, ie. i can't stop myself from subscribing to updates from any websites that i like, even if i've only visited them once! it's linked to one of those common syndromes people in modern society have i guess, always wanting to be informed & stay on top of what's happening in the world, which is what pushes us to follow celeb blogs & tweet 24/7.

today i got one of the usual online sale notifications from australian flavor & i figured i might as well browse a bit since i had nothing else (apart from my homework assignment, but that's a different story) to do. apparently they're clearing some stock (prices have been slashed to their final limit!) AND offering
an additional 20% off! what's even better is that they're applying it to new arrivals too! so if you've friends currently living in australia, & you want something that you probably won't see anywhere else in s'pore, you know what to do! just remember to use the code "Jandiscount20" before 31st jan 2010 when you check-out your items.

Mother Maria Love Tree Dress* @ 149AUD before further 20%
(available in sizes 6, 8, & 10)
Nookie Sweetest Thing Frill Dress* @ 99.95AUD before further 20%
(available in sizes 10 & 12)

*photos taken from Australian Flavor

08 January 2010

LATE EDITED POST: wallet pls!

my friend & i've this feeling that i've been dropping money out of my current wallet due to it's design, so i've decided it's about time for me to get a new one! now, as always, i'm torn between two choices: old vs new. nothing new, i know, i know.. like most girls, i couldn't help but get sucked into the vintage-craze (i like pretty colors, i really do), yet at the same time, as much as i don't really want to admit it, i love branded stuff. but really, who can blame me? high quality is worth paying for! isn't it better to invest into something you love, & that'll last you for maybe a decade? yup, yet another dilemma: indie or designer? tsktsk.. my colleague at work is only seventeen, & she's already obsessing whether to buy a juicy couture wallet or a coach wristlet w/ her next paycheck! sigh, kids these days..
i know some of you out there are probably already smirking smugly to yourself, thinking the answer is so plain & simple: get a vintage [insert brand]!

point is, why would i pay more for something that's
pre-owned? i might as well buy a brand new kate spade wallet! i've been eyeing the long, rectangular ones w/ a flap-over cover that'll prevent my notes & cards from falling out ever since i came upon haute avenue & the more well-known reebonz..
but on the other hand, what if there is that illustrious, ideal vintage accessory: authentic, in good condition, & more importantly, one-of-a-kind?! hence i went on etsy (again, i just can't help myself); it only made sense that after a number of unsuccessful hunts in haji lane & the thieves' market on sungei rd, that i should at least try online before giving up.

& yes, i admit, i may have strayed a bit, but i endeavored to stay on track, & these are what i found:

vintage eel skin wallet from primitivepincushion at 10.50usd
(love the colors!)

perfect wallet by happykathy for 29usd
(quite reminiscent of desigual, don'tcha think?)

i still think ima save up for that coveted long kate spade wallet though.

07 January 2010


recently i've been keeping an eye out for a 3/4-sleeved/long-sleeved hoodie dress, so i decided to search some of the well-known american brands blogshops are so fond of having sprees at, like urban outfitters, hollister, a&f, american eagle, aeropostale, etc. & i figured american apparel had the best chance of carrying them. true enough, they had a few variations of it; but not what i was looking for. one looked too thick for me, & since it's made of fleece, i guessed that it'd probably be more suitable for winter. the second one was too short & had horizontal stripes, while the third one was sleeveless.. last one just wasn't for me; too loose-fitting for my liking, as i had something more clingy & figure-hugging in mind. i must mention though, that i did spot a cute dress on american apparel (photo below).

Printed Sweetheart Two-Tone Mini Dress @ 87USD, from
American Apparel
comes in five different other prints)

so anyway, i did a search on etsy; it's famous for being the eBay of indie american designers/entrepreneurs. figured it was worth a shot, & voilĂ , i was not disappointed! except for the price tag; sadly 47usd is waay too high above my budget. it comes in hand-dyed earthy colors too; i tend to favor those, since bright colors aren't really my thing.. personally i wouldn't recommend them to girls w/ my body shape, unless used somewhat in moderation or less (bottom layer ie. strikingly-colored top under black jacket?).

comes in nine colors & four sizes!
(click here or on either photo* above)

*(all photo credits go to respectively linked sites! obviouslyyy.)

06 January 2010


just yesterday i went to people's park food centre w/ my parents; been years since i last went to the second floor. it used to be full of soo many crappy stores w/ blogshop-quality cheena clothes. it still is, but the reason why my mum brought me there was cuz one of my aunts brought her to a store there (flora's collection or something) which retailed authentic anna sui clothes & stuff. apparently my aunt got some pretty bustiers there, so my mum thought i might wanna take a look since we were there for dinner. turns out it was closed for the day though (no idea why), but there was more!
we decided to look around, & guess what! i found a store selling really cute retro-ish clothes & accessories, all handmade w/ kimono prints! idk if they're genuinely authentic vintage kimono fabric, but they're really pretty & handmade, so that's good enough for me. (: the proprietor (aunty alice) is really friendly & is more than keen to share her creations; she has been doing this for two years! plus she offers tailoring services, which is especially useful when the in-store range doesn't fit you; if i remember correctly, it's an extra twenty bucks, & she needs at least a month in advance.

i recognized her from the last maad bazaar i went to (i think it was in de
cember last month) w/ a friend & remember her cuz her clothes were all so adorable but too small.. i honestly can't tell you which clothes/accessories from her store that i love, love love, cuz really, i'm sure if you go right down there, you'd definitely be able to find something to buy! pity they're all quite pricey though (imo), but you can be quite sure you wouldn't see someone else wearing the exact same thing as you!

she has bangles, belts, dresses, jackets, tops, & oh so much more! i bought a
blue waist-belt (photo below) for 35sgd to go w/ two dresses of mine; i've been looking for something sky-blue, but this is well worth it! atm she's having this holiday promotion where members get 25% off, & normies like us get a discount of 10%. idk how long it'll last for, so i suggest you contact her at her blogspot site before you head down to the store.

it was either this or a red lightly-checkered one w/ cute little japanese dolls printed all over it.
do take note that different belts have different buckles; small details though, so i doubt you'd mind much if you really like the pattern.

fave bracelet in the little basket full of accessories; i think it's cute how she made the cloth (printed w/ red roses all over) into actual rosebuds. :D
insisted that i put it on after very nicely letting me take photos of her place & stuff. (:

shopfront (above) & inside (bottom).

05 January 2010


just last month i bought a pair of delightful pink slippers for a friend's mom at 5usd via iBanking (i was expecting chocolates from robinson's; she got me an anna sui perfume giftbox instead, gd lord) from an online charity shop. this giftshop is none other than the riverkids shop. they sell all sorts of items, ranging from gorgeous accessories like silk bracelets & scarves, to handmade greeting cards & innovative wallets! all of these are (if i'm not wrong) handmade, and best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to helping victims of child trafficking! what's more is that if you're in singapore, they'll provide free postage, & if you want, a nice glossy monochromatic giftcard too! i didn't take a picture of the one they sent me last time w/ my slippers, but it's basically a bunch of laughing/smiling cambodian kids on the cover, w/ the heading "riverkids" in a black banner on top.

here are some lovely things i plan to buy in the future, either for myself or as gifts, i haven't decided yet:

recycled nylon wallet (black+orange) @ 25 15usd!
made from trash bags

made of silk

*all photo credits go to The Riverkids Shop

04 January 2010


i've had countless of blogs over the years, & one by one, i've left them all behind. i think that, however, this will be the one i make the largest effort to update. i haven't always been into fashion & shopping, not until i turned 16. most would consider it pretty late compared to most girls, & i agree. quite irrelevant though, in my opinion.
basically, this will be an archive of all the pretty clothes/accessories that i find online (or while i'm out & about). i aim to achieve the impossible: quality, but at affordable prices, while avoiding mainstream brands & local blogshops as much as possible.

this is for me, but i choose to share it with
everyone; who knows, maybe you'd spot something we both can agree on. i must warn you first though, that not everything will be purchasable in singapore.