30 December 2010

fashion 101.

i've learnt that contrast is a wonderful thing aesthetic-wise. this had led me to believe that i should never wear a top & cardi of the same color. the photo above (from fashion pirates, a blog mentioned on the style rookie), however, has led me to believe otherwise.

now i'm not a fan of necklaces as i've lines on my neck (it's a genetic hereditary thing), but i must admit that i'm quite keen on trying statement necklaces. i will, when i finally find the right necklace (at the right price, of course).

ring + watch.

as you can see, this blog is where i list things that i am on the hunt for.

my latest addition: a watch ring.

i am not a fan of watches; i am considering getting a couple though, for practical reasons, of course. a nice, slim old-school classy-looking gold one for no more than $49 at funan, & maybe a cartoon one (which i've always secretly wanted). gold might a bit too old-fashioned for me to pull off though, so if possible i would love a bronze one. wish me luck!

swatch is currently too pricey for me (like i said, i'm not a fan of watches, however the shopaholic in me will always find an excuse to buy something i can wear, like a watch! how practical). i very much like the navy one (UP-WIND, GN230 Originals) from the recent color codes collection.

anyway, back to the topic: watch rings.

sure, i would love one from d&g (the first watch ring i saw), but hell i know there's no way i can afford it atm. yes, there's always that cheap rip-off from diva, but we both know that i will never be able to bring myself to buy it (yes, the shopaholic in me understands what wastage and investments mean). i found yet another option on gmarket - as expected though, it looks terribly cheap and awful, with all those large, cheena-looking crystals that are very likely to fall off within a month or two.

ah well. i guess the best viable option right now would be to get that watch from funan. or i could just wait, as always. [:

*update: got a cute mint green cinnamoroll kids' watch (y'know, the kind that has a face that can be flipped open?) from a random gachapon machine at toys r us (forum the shopping mall) for 3 bucks (can be found almost anywhere w/ gachapon machines; i've seen adorable hello kitty ones too!)! uber cute! besides i couldn't resist trying my luck.

19 December 2010

nun collars rofl.

i was reading an article on insing.com, clickie here, clickie there, and somehow, i ended up on the love & bravery site, looking at this dress, unable to decide if i shld finally give local blogshops a go.. they're definitely one of the local blogshops that i'm fond of (design-wise, of course). i'm not sure if i'm willing to take a chance quality-wise on their pieces, plus i'm not too keen on chiffon fabrics at the moment due to my sensitive skin.. i must admit that i adore the color scheme & cutting though.
next thing you know, i'm on the famous young fashion blogger tavi gevinson's blog, and from there, ended up on pamflet magazine's site, & tadah. i've always been intrigued by.. what shall i call them, collar necklaces? but yes, this is not the first i've seen of them. i must find out how to get my hands on one of these soon (think how perfect for work they'd be! then off it goes & you're ready for the night).

also, my interest in formal, work-friendly clothes has increased. why? well i've resigned from my fashion retail job and i'm quite pleased to say that i've an interview to be a PA at shenton way next monday. it's full-time position, but you know what this means: bigger paycheck, more clothes (& accessories & blah)!

09 December 2010

as all of you know,

x'mas is coming! and guess what i got for an early x'mas gift (considering i didn't celebrate x'mas last yr)? the pair of black katja clogs from rockport ($50 off the original r.r.p. of $220, whee factory outlets!) from him.

i lost my phone recently, & i'm honestly too lazy to take a photo of them w/ my outdated digicam, so here's a photo i ripped of the website:

26 November 2010

have you done yr x'mas shopping yet?

if you haven't, good news! riverkids is having their thanksgiving sale for the next four days, and that means 25% off store-wide! you do a good deed (100% of the proceeds go to the kids in need), AND you save some money! i seriously couldn't ask for more, could you?

so what are you waiting for? go, go, go!

22 November 2010

possibly the coolest thing ever (imo).

ironically, not so in singapore, considering it's a hot and humid country all year round. i would still love to own a totoro hoodie someday though, just not a onesie. here are a couple of really cool animal-inspired jammies that i found recently online though, for those of you out there who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy freezing cold weather annually (or more frequently!):

that wasn't much, i know, but hey, it's not like you can find these any day at your neighborhood shopping mall. leave a comment if you're interested in seeing more (u can ware sharkz too! pluz barez n moar) or buying them, unless you're as *cough* tech-savvy as me, hehe, and can find the image source w/o my help. ;D

29 October 2010

now we all know..

that i've a thing against blogshops. and that i haven't been blogging lately haha, so here i am! but yeah i digress. so, blogshops. why the dislike?

#1. they're usually of inferior quality (ie. cheap cheena f21 fabric that won't last. that's right, you heard me).
#2. they're all mass-produced, & i can bet you that somewhere out there, someone else is selling them, for less or more, who knows. still feel special, kid?
#3. they're all usually in sizes too small for me (uk 6 to 10). it sucks.

i do see some really cute designs once in awhile though, so, being the selfless person that i am, i shall share them here w/ you, my slimmer, "big-spending" counterparts.

photos above cuz i'm too lazy to drag them down. leave a comment if you wanna know where to get any of the above. cuz yup, i'm just too lazy. nobody comes here anyway.

06 October 2010

another one of those quick posts..

w/ just one photo because i'm fatigued beyond yr imagination.

SGD 61.60

available at reebonz now at more than 50% off (& in scarlet leather (SGD113.60) as well!).
grab it before it's too late! sale ends in about eleven hrs from.. now.
i'd buy it if i didn't hv too many bags alr. ]:
stitching doesn't look very well-stitched though, imo.

30 September 2010

gyaru fashion bags.

not everyone can pull off the gyaru style like, for example, one of my fave bloggers cheesie, because firstly, you need to have a face that can carry heavy but of course, pastel-colored make-up, as well as blonde/ash brown hair. more importantly, you also need to be stick-skinny/really slim to carry off the various trends of which usually include plenty of chiffon & lace.

still, that doesn't prevent me from wanting a dose of gyaru fashion.. and as you should (i hope) know by now, i don't usually follow trends. honest! but when/if i do, i would wait 'til i see less people wearing them (i know i'm so slow lol, but it's just weird seeing someone else wearing something identical to yours, y'know?).

anyway, if you are a lover of all things shiny/gyaru, you'd most likely be familiar w/ sequinned kitson bags from los angeles. yes, it's a past trend, however i've only seen two people carry them in the past six months, maybe at most three. plus i love shiny things, all girls do, so of course i couldn't resist getting one. obtaining it was difficult though, esp. since i haven't been to far east plaza for about a year, but i managed to get a pre-loved (used just once, & still looking brand new w/ a tag!) tote for just twenty five bucks. :D

so here, once again, ladies & gents, is my new bag, which i only started using in the middle of last week, so you can forgive me for still being in love w/ it:

i was actually hoping to get the gold+black one below though, due to it's size, cutting, and the fact that i've a couple of rectangular totes shaped like the above. but who knows, hopefully i might be able to grab even a couple this coming nov while i'm in shanghai for a week hehe.

kago bags + fur! featured in one of cheesie's post in 2009 (i told you i was behind on trends lol). cute, but not my style:

i'm tempted to get this from minimaos.com for RM58 (RM20 less than the original price!), but i'm afraid it won't look as cute on me as it might on someone slimmer..

what i really want though, would be a nordic print bag! recently, while at work, i saw two girls carrying them, both barrel-shaped, on the same day! they came by about four hrs apart though, & i happened to see them from a distance while they were on the escalator, so i sadly didn't get a chance to ask them where they got it from.. sigh. wish i could at least find a pic of it somewhere..

04 September 2010

baby booties!

i remember passing by a pushcart at raffles city once, and this particular stall had all kindsa cute little clothing for babies. what caught my eye though, was this pair of absolutely adorable totoro booties!

for those of you who do not know me personally, my neighbor totoro is one of my most fave childhood films, so you can imagine how delighted i was. i was soo close to buying it (it's unisex, who knows! maybe someday..), but sadly it was the last pair, and the leaf or something was falling off.
as you can see in my one of my recent posts, i'm kinda in love w/ this local label littleoddforest, and as usual, everything that's cute, colorful, sorta handmade, and original (in other words, indie). so as usual, i was just browsing their site to see if they've anything new/pretty, & i like their tanktops (but not that much), & look at the tiny little darlings that i found!

now if only i had a baby shower to attend/hold.. sigh.

baby maryjanes (piggy blues) @ sgd26.00

cheeky monster baby booties (mint fleece) @ sgd26.00

28 August 2010

another trend: OWLS.

no, it's nothing harry potter-ish, just animal-inspired fashion, eg. cartier's gorgeous panther ring sported by celebs like rachel zoe, gisele bundchen & (urk) "lady" gaga.

the first photo is of a hoot the owl sling purse by local label littleoddforest (sample sale @ fash-bash today & tmr! quickquick rush down to orchard central from 11am to 8pm) while the second would be an owl tote by kate spade. more photos of owl-inspired items on monday!

*update: i'm bored enough right now, so i figured i might as well post the owl necklace from fredflare. i've seen a cheaper version of it in aussie jewellery store diva (just two weeks back or less!), and i've heard that one of their more "atas" competitors, mimco (ion orchard) has one too. so if you want an owl around yr neck, don't hesitate! i'd buy it if it weren't everywhere.

the most common owl-ish accessory however, is of course, RINGS. even 987fm dj rozz has one (and so does her friend!); go read one of her recent posts abt her hk trip on her blog and see if you can find the pic. if i'm not wrong, the little drom store sells similar ones too, but honestly you shouldn't hv a prob finding them, what w/ accessory stores popping up all over the island.

reversing back to the topic of littleoddforest: i've always wanted smthg from them, but tbh, their items are a little too pricey for me. thankfully, today i was lucky enough to be able to reserve one of the hoot the owl sling purses (will post a photo the day after i collect it, which wld be once again, monday!). how, you ask? *coughcough* connections lah. ;D

all i can say is, vouchies.com ftwww! they've the coolest gift ideas (as of late, POSTCARDENs, nuabs, and one of their very first: cardboard boomboxes doubling as iPod speakers) at discounted prices. what's best is that they offer more than that i.e f&b vouchers (you get to try new places AND save $$), etc. etc.

& no, this is not a mini-advert; i just feel that they're worth sharing, that's all.

but wait, you don't hv a credit card? not to worry, you don't need paypal, just cash! all you gotta do is contact them to reserve an item of yr fancy, and then go straight to orchard central during office hrs to collect them (at yr convenience, of course).

yup, it's just that simple! :D i ended up getting two POSTCARDENs btw. the botanical one for mum, and the soccer-field one for dad lol. :x

*FURTHER UPDATE: lmao i saw the owl necklace i mentioned above from diva TWICE in less than an hr when i went to orchard rd ystd! see i told you so.

27 August 2010

who would've thought?

my recent fascination (obsession sometimes): trends. i usually pride myself on not being a blind trend-follower like most singaporean girls (topshop, new look, cotton on, blogshops - quality does not matter! ..NOT). well. i guess trends hv fans for a reason. so, here's a short list of my recent catch on trends:

1) tie-dyed maxi dresses
2) plain ones too
3) ombre ombre ombreee!
5) something nude?
6) sequinned kitson tote bags!! (i particularly like the black+turquoise ones)*
7) chambraaay (not seeing enough of these! which might be a good thing, idk)*

below is the kitson bag that i'm buying online (used only once) for sgd 25.00 even though i was aiming for the regular large tote one.

tbh i'm kinda surprised neither xiaxue or cheesie has one yet; you'd think they'd be the first! what w/ their fancy for gyaru-related stuff.

*UPDATE (2010): 3 items, bought! the kitson tote above, a pair of black rockport clogs for x'mas, & a dark gray chambray skirt from american apparel in shanghai!

20 August 2010

things i would buy from quixotic inc...

if they weren't sold out, or i had the extra cash to spare.

19 August 2010

plants in a postcard?!

i just found something perfect for a gift to my parents; my mum's going overseas next saturday to stay w/ my dad who's currently working in china.

what's even better, is that vouchies.com is selling these for sgd15.00 instead of 22! now all i need to do is find a whole lotta other people to buy some so i can too..

*UPDATE: getting mine next monday from orchard central! seems that you can pay directly in cash upon collection too if you don't hv a credit card like me. (:

flats for work!

yes, i know i bought a pair of high heels for work not long ago, but uhmm. i want flats! pref. ones that i can wear to work. ridiculous, i know.. but a girl can lust! and lust and lust.. anyway, i've always wanted a pair of jelly shoes, so who else better to look to (apart from chanel) but melissa!

i loveloveloove her collaboration w/ vivienne westwood; everytime i past by the tyan boutique at millenia walk, my eyes go straight to the heels w/ hearts on them. aieee.

the ones above however, after browsing through the black range on the official melissa website, are by far my fave.

14 August 2010

new shoes for work!

and finally, kitten heels! w/ a lovely subtle "lace" imprint (that's only visible under light), and a little shoelace to tie! it's almost everything i ever wanted in a pair of pumps! plus they're made of italian leather.

rrp: $109.90 (if i rmb correctly)
amt spent instead: $49.90

got them ystd at the ongoing robinsons expo sale; better hurry there asap before 22 aug! they're awesome brands like island shop & fox for clothes, plus steve madden, fly london, nine west, & of course, stile for shoes! lots more there too lah of course, but these are the ones i figured are most worth mentioning.

go google for more info lah, you lazy bum! no links this time, too hungry.

05 August 2010

aiya, hermes..

i used to think i wanted the kelly bag that jackie o had.. now i realize it's the constance shoulder bag (brown pls! electric blue's harder to match).

all the pradas & kate spades can piss off now.
i kid, i kid.

*UPDATE (4/09): saw it ystd in the store display outside ngee ann city! it was like love at first sight.. sigh. someday, someday.

03 August 2010

dark matte charcoal tipped w/ nude?

i'd love to do my nails sometime.. i'm pretty hard-up for a manicure bargain though, so unless i'm getting it for 10 bucks or less, it's not gonna happen. navy nails would be nice though, tipped w/ a light gray. polka dots are cute too, but meh idk.. am tempted to do pastels too, but i figure they might be a tad too girly for my style.

now. if only i could stop biting my nails..

02 August 2010

kiroro house.

now as you all probably know by now, i'm currently working at millenia walk, & in parco, on the second level, is an adorable store called kiroro house that sells clothing from japan, made in japan. they don't hv a website as of yet, but you can go down anytime during retail hrs if you're in the neighborhood i guess.

the point is, i've been lusting after this uber comfy cardigan w/ pockets made of this looovely light, thin but not sheer fabric. i've no idea what it is, my instincts tell me it's cotton, but really? honestly?! well, whatever it is, it's wondertastic. and it costs 70 bucks if i remember correctly.

oh well. it's not like i can decide between the two colors anyway.. light blue or a pretty nude? hm.

16 July 2010

zouk - flea & easy.

went to the recent zouk flea last sunday w/ a friend who's back from sydney for the hols. she was a bit apprehensive at first (the last bazaar i dragged her to - MAAD + fashbash (two-too), wasn't as fruitful as this one), but at least we both got something this time, regardless of how small.

she got a pre-worn maxi dress, handmade bracelet & ring, while i got a vintage flower brooch from dustbunny vintage, & a scrabble ring w/ of course, the first letter of my name on it. always wanted one of those, hehe. no clothes for me cuz the sellers were all mostly pretty little things, pfft. did try on a black topshop toga romper sized uk12 though, but the ruffles did me no favors.
will post photos as soon as i get time to (new job @ millenia walk, not deja vu vintage!).

for the time being though, here's the brooch!

sadly didn't get a chance to take photos of buddy's buys.

*UPDATE: my scrabble piece fell off. fml. hope bf'll help me fix it w/ his glue gun. ]:
**FURTHER UPDATE: i wore the vintage flower brooch for cny on a gray cardi last-min; it added an instant perk-me-up, loved it! think i'll save it for "special" occasions.

03 July 2010


finally got down to business; did some proper shopping at millenia walk (nearest mrt: promenade on the circle line) today. figured i might as well see what parco has to offer, what with their wide selection of local designers, etc. etc.

first & foremost, i would like to introduce you to my fondness of comfier-than-usual fabrics now! i am very very oh-so-very into them, thanks to, as usual, the ridiculously sweaty & eczema-ridden thighs & joints of mine. wunderbar.

anyways, i got a nice golden-y mustard yellow spag top at british india w/ a slight cowl-neck for 19 bucks! british india lei my friends; that means overpriced, made-in-china, summer-vacation resort clothes. but still oh so nice to wear & look at.

i also got a black wrap skirt from zhai a few days back at 56. quite pricey, but the feel is just to die for! the clothes all seem to be made in china, but they are made from bamboo fibres (don't ask me how), and are touted to have all sortsa magical properties! i'm honestly too lazy to list them all, so you're more than welcome to click on the link above, otherwise go find another local business that does the same sh*t (hah good luck w/ that). as far as i know, they're currently the first and only boutique selling such items. i mean, were you even aware that bamboo could be made into clothing? hemp i know, but bamboo?? wtf right.

but yeah, don't take it from me, go down & grab one of their sale items (they're pricey, nobody'll snigger at you) before they run out; i was lucky enough to get a new piece, so who knows.

photos up soon (if i can be bothered)!

01 July 2010

hello again!

it's a weekday evening, & i'm staying over w/ the folks for the night, since mom's cooking & they're leaving for china this weekend.. so tomorrow, my plans incl. doing at least half of my shopping for this month, right before gss really disappears for good (until of course, next year)!

there is absolutely, absolutely no way in hell am i gonna wait any longer!!

major highlights to my wishlist that aren't actually impractical or whimsical: SHORTS. or a pair of thin capris would be nice, esp. in this bloody hot weather (and hv you seen where i work?! wtf). playsuits are a definite must-grab; been seeing an increasing amount of girls out there, out & about in their little summer-friendly outfits. am envious! saw a particularly cute one just two days ago at a bus stop: navy with a beige crocheted-lace collar. a pair of thick-soled shoes or kitten heels would be quite an investment too, despite the fact that i've been pretty much living in my bronze walkstar III fitflops for the past month ever since i go them..

recent additions however, are slightly whimsical, which are: nail polishes (navy! how could i hv missed that), andand.. another pair of fitflops! i saw a pair of gray oasis ones on sale at piperlime recently, but guess what! boss says we'll be bringing them in next month, so all ima have to do is just wait! hah. awesome. bf isn't too happy about me wanting another pair though, since he's convinced it's all just another one of those scams we women fall for - he believes teva is the way to go..

but honestly though, isn't that such a pretty shade of gray? plus gray is a neutral, so it's easy to match, right?? i bet it might even be worth the slight hassle of maintaining the suede straps..

15 May 2010

playsuit alert!!

i dropped by antipodean after work a few days back to get my copy of this month's issue of CATALOG & to try on the denim dress (by posse) below (but fml it's gone! serves me right for not returning sooner argh). all's not lost though, cuz as usual, there's always something for me to try on!

i remember the first time i tried something there; it was this really cute white bodycon dress with a bandage skirt & like, a fish-scale net top? uhmm.. think a normal, tank-cut top, but with fish scale patterns cut out! blah i suck at describing things. oh well, the last time i checked, it was still there, but be warned! i think they only have a uk size 10 & 14.. or probably neither! aiya just go look lah, it's really really cute! sucks that i'm a size 12..

but it's okay! cuz i found another white bodycon dress that i really like! and i tried it! and it nearly fit! but guess what. as always, it's just ONE SIZE too small for me. just one size! had this weird unsightly bulge of fabric on my tummy cuz i couldn't pull the skirt down properly. why, you ask? BECAUSE MY ASS IS TOO BIG, fml. this one was less unique but prettier in my opinion; the top was crafted of this fine lace, and there was this slight pleated details below that stretched downwards.. and most importantly, it'll look flattering on any figure (esp. a pear-shaped one like mine). sigh.

anyway, the girl at the counter that day had this cute orangey bobbed hairdo, and she was wearing something along the lines of feminine, romantic vintage. but that's not the point! we basically got into a conversation about topshop, which lead to her recommending asos & giving urban outfitters the thumbs down. apparently their arty-farty indie photos are super misleading: the quality of their clothes fail!!

so why asos? well firstly their shipping fees are at flat rates (10.50sgd, i checked), so you can binge-shop (w/ yr friends, of course), AND their jersey maxi dresses are mega comfy. i'm more interested in playsuits though, which is harder for me since..

1) i can't get away w/ half of them! too revealing & all that, plus they tend to be tube-topped.
2) they're not exactly easy to find (acquired taste maybe? definitely seasonal too..).
3) tight budget lah, you know how it is..

which brings me to my next point:

NOW $71.02, for a Sophie Hulme For ASOS Exclusive Shirt Playsuit, you say?
..sorry, cannot. ):
so yeah. oh well. i can only hope (& pray!) that i'll find something equally nice in genting this coming monday. if i remember correctly there's a mango outlet, but yeesh they really need to work on taking care of their stuff; i remember seeing frayed clothes here & there.. the wallets are always the worst off.. and those crumpled belts too.. urgh.

*NOTE: LBDs are out this season, in case you were unaware. white's the color for spring & summer, & so it shall be!

14 May 2010

blogger's wardrobe.

yup, this is yet another post about m'sian blogger cheesie. she travels around the world quite a bit (especially to japan), is craaazy about everything japanese (esp. the clothes!), & while i'm not so crazy about liz lisa and the whole popteen-ish gyaru look, i like her. i like her "cheat one" catchphrases, her make-up tips (i know, i don't even wear any!), and most importantly, i love seeing the latest outfit she's come up with.

yes, it may not be my style, but hey, like any other girl who enjoys borrowing outdated harper's bazaars & such from the nearest library, i appreciate pretty, colorful things.

but! isn't this blog about shopping for pretty things, & not just looking at them, you say? well here you go: http://wardrobe.cheeserland.com. this is where you can find all her japanese imports (BNWT anyone?), and other bits and pieces that she's grown weary of.. some m'sian, some japanese. pity i can't fit into anything, but oh well, it's always good to stay updated. never know, right!

another bonus would be the few japanese fashion mags (jelly, ViVi, scawaii, etc.) she painstakingly scanned (or downloaded, not sure) that are available for everyone (esp. closet fans of japanese fashion) to browse! sure it's not as big as the real thing, but it's sure as hell better than nothing, plus it's pretty darn sweet of her too.

*UPDATE (15/06/2011): 'like' her on facebook (search 'Cheeserland') or follow her on Twitter @cheesie to see photos of her (almost) daily outfits (filed under 'useless fashion' lolol)! she was recently featured on tokyo kawaii fyi & has since started gyaru circle 'foruchizu' w/ fellow blogger audrey.

22 April 2010


some girls just can't get enough. & if you're one of these girls, the names
louboutin & ferragamo should sound familiar to you. both brands are famous for their iconic shoes: the deliciously sinful red soles, and of course, the classic vara pumps.

i was wandering around on the first floor of
bukit timah plaza while waiting for bf to show up so we could do our grocery shopping, & surprise surprise, somewhere opposite an optical store & hardware store, is a boutique w/ pretty shoes in the window display. i forgot the name, but i'll be sure to return there, & when i do, you can rest assured that i'll post it up here, & who knows, maybe even w/ photos!

anyway, what's more important are the shoes that i saw: black, lacy louboutin heels, & varas in a variety of colors! the two things that dampened my spirits were that firstly, the store was closed, and the louboutins were placed directly next to a pair of.. liu lius. WTF RIGHT. were they meant to be a rip off miu miu? god knows..

yeah. i've absolutely no idea at the moment if they're the real deal though, cuz to be fair, the store was, like i said, closed, so it was pretty dark inside. i did manage to peer at the inside sole of the louboutins though, & truth be told, the 'c' of 'christian' seems a wee little suspicious, & the sole cushions of the varas don't quite seem to fit in properly.. oh well! i guess i'll never know 'til i try them on. :D

*EDIT: i went back last week at around five-ish & guess what, still closed! AAARGH. liddat how to do business??! nabeh lah. i saw a pair of electric blue miss sixty jeans hanging on the right though; i doubt they're in my size, but electric blue's such a delicious color.. sigh. oh well. fingers crossed for next time!!

*UPDATE: okay i went back a couple of weeks back on a sunday afternoon, & tadah! OPEN. BUT. bf wanted to rush to imm though, so i only had time to go through all their shoes, find out they don't have any of my big*ss feet sizes, so AH F*CK IT. then i went through one of their clothes racks, spotted a dress by marni, didn't like it (can't even remember what it looks like! had lotsa colors though), & then i got dragged off. oh well. doesn't seem like they're going anywhere anytime soon. they've another branch at novena square too if i'm not wrong. can't for the life of me remember the opening hours (they close at seven, i think?). fleh.

07 April 2010

flea markets, bazaars & warehouse sales.

they're both the same thing, really - nice nice things at cheap cheap prices. i've missed out oh soo many, that i can't even count them anymore! but then again it's mostly due to my poor memory. hurts too much to remember, really. )':

the ones that will always stay fresh in my mind would be the annual club 21 bazaar (which i somehow never fail to know about only a few days later), & the much talked about pedder warehouse sale which happened just last month (bf refused to let me go; pointed out i needed to stick to my budget, fml), & most importantly, the haji lane flea markets! that one pains me the most; they always suka-suka anyhow organize one whenever it pleases them to, & when i finally learn about them, it's always when i spot photos on some lucky b*tch's blog & her list of purchases, & at the end, her stupid, spastically-happy "i got everything i ever wanted, did you?" face plastered at the bottom of her post, sometimes even worse, she's clutching all of her beloved new items!! argh.

i always console myself though, & tell myself that i don't hv the cash to spend anyways (but who the f*ck am i kidding, i'd f*cking rob the bank if i had to!), & that someday, when i get a proper, better-paying, full-time job, i'll spend all i want & not have to miss out on the joy that buying pretty pretty things bring! i'll finally have the chance to launch into a shopping spree like no man has ever seen before, rip anyone who gets in my way apart, grab all that i want, & be happy. sigh. just like the good ol' days in sydney. oh well.

that day, my friends, will be coming soon. the moment i've saved up enough for a nice pair of shoes (flats/kitten heels, we'll see), this wonderful, wonderful opportunity for me to just soak in all that is of course, wonderful, & obviously, pretty is happ
ening in approx. twenty-two days time.

i've been to quite a number of bazaars/fleamarkets in my time here, of which include: the ever famous & overrated FLEA.FLY.FLO.FUN (utterly disappointing; it was all mostly lousy products from overstocked blogshops, so i didn't buy anything there), the awesome FashBash (where i first discovered about luxurious island local label reshamm! bought a really cute, colorful beaded beetle hair clip from them; also got an awesome black hoodie jacket made of knitted material from idk-what-or-where), the oh-so-fun-i-can-&-will-never-stop-going-to MAAD bazaar (have you had the pleasure of meeting hungry? him & (white dog) bobby are just soo adorable!), & a few other unmemorable events. i mis
sed out again on a recent one, but i shan't talk much about that since it was more about the free admission to a bunch of museums than the accompanying flea market i was interested in..

anyway i'm so, soo excited, so excited i can no longer hold it in it. ladies, i present to you the very first BLUEPRINT, TWO-OH-ONE-OH. there is nothing that appeals to me more than the SAMPLE SALES. that's right, one-of-a-kind, one-off, nobody-else-has-them-just-you, SAMPLES. [insert heart]

can't wait! :D


03 April 2010

silly girl.

what a silly girl i've been. i just realized this three days ago, while i was digging through my entire closet (AND luggage), that i've no shoes to wear with at least 192358 outfits, & they're the prettiest (aka the ones i don't wear often enough, since i'm always saving them for "special" occasions, but eh f*ck it! if other girls can dress up to go to orchard, well then so can i too). i really can't bear to sell them! ):

i've been thinking of selling some of my graphic tees though (mostly from threadless, where else lol), but i still feel like i'm not ready to "grow up" yet.. i do need the cash to spend on some nice versatile, comfy basics for casual-but-not-shabby everyday wear. stuff that's esp. practical in this relentless, horribly baking humid weather. but oh well. worse comes to worst, i guess i'll just post a few tees up for a week or two.. whatever remains unsold remains mine. ; ;


i really need to set some time aside though, to photograph & post my stuff up properly,
plus i absolutely gotta spread my link around. i got a new job recently like about less than a week ago? and i barely have time to do anything but sleep, attend lectures usually in the morning, & attend to my personal life (aka just him). eurgh. but yeah. it's stupid having a commission-based job. ima give it a month though, or less if it really doesn't work out & i'm not earning as much as i should..

anyway, if you're looking to buy a pair of those much-talked-(& lest to say, debated) about fitflops, i suggest you come to cococlub in holland v. they're having a promotion where three of their walkstars in three basic colors are going at 20% off! plus all their dresses, tops & accessories (
exclusive solely to cococlub) are at min. 10% off; apparel at max. 50% off. they've got some cute straw sunhats & tote bags too, so do go down & take a look. i already bought a really cute brown woven choker made of white shells, & it just goes perfect w/ this black american eagle dress i got for 15sgd online. now if only i can get a pair of shoes.. who knows, maybe i'll be able to wait 'til the annual gss!

23 March 2010

queen of hearts.

i just watched alice in wonderland this afternoon, & since this is my blog, i might as well say this here & now: it was nice. somewhere in between pleasant & decent, i'd say. it was as if tim burton got bored & decided to go crazy w/ a palette of colors.. idk, it just felt like, the plot, though exciting & action-packed, just wasn't developed enough.. good job on the special effects though. i liked how everything, especially the background setting, was deliberately made to look fake. i feel it really adds to the surrealistic feel of it; the colors only maxed it up.


i think anne hathaway (the white queen) should have dyed her eyebrows the same color as her hair. then again, they may have been aiming for a contrast.. something to match her lips & nails perhaps? :/

but oh well. like cheesie, & probably every other girl who considers shopping/fashion not just another obsession, but a vital element in her life, i was inspired. the dresses alice wore maaarvelous, & need i say more about the hats?!

..okay fine, not inspired. that's way too "creative" for me. i guess i'm just not like that. i am however, craving for something in a pretty "alice" blue. not quite sky blue (too nancy-looking), not too dark like robin's egg blue either.. i'll know it when i see it. sigh. damn you, shopping urges.. damn. you.

19 March 2010


cotton-blend jacquard playsuit

available at net-a-porter.com

i can only dream.. and continue hunting down a navy-colored, cotton-linen romper of a similar cutting with small brass buttons & maybe a cute tiny-polka-dotted print.

09 March 2010

crossed out!

in the past few weeks i've managed to buy two accessories that have been on my list for quite a bit, both of which i'd say were quite difficult to find, but at last, i have them!

1) nude nail polish (the perfect shade!): etude house, $4/5++?

2) black lip sunnies: cash converters in jurong for just $4.00, would you believe?! has uv protection! i was actually planning to buy a pair from some party supplies store in holland v. cuz they had the never-before-seen red, vampire lips one, but oh well. $10.00ish more for badly painted white teeth? no thanks. besides they're already outta stock, so oh well. just consoling myself..

*EDIT: superrr late post.. what to do.

05 February 2010

lingerie for cny?

now i know you're gonna love & hate me for this, but it's really not my fault; i only just received this e-mail an exact 49 min (according to gmail) ago, & really, i wish i got this sooner, i really do. even better, i wish i could go, but i've got work, so instead of making my loss your loss as well, i've (very) generously decided to share this w/ you girls out there.

singapore's been lucky enough to have la senza as well as the recently opened victoria's secret (if you ask me they're all too overpriced for the level of "workmanship" they put into their china-made products), but if you're looking for something that not everyone on this little island knows about (despite it being featured on razortv before), then i suggest you try s'porean lingerie store kooshi. now i've no idea what brands they retail, but i do know that the apparel they offer looks to be the comfiest (& more importantly, w/o comprising chicness & style) i've seen locally. seriously, in my opinion, e2 looks like somewhere geylang hookers would shop, while la senza & victoria's secret are overrated.

so anyway, back to the e-mail.

need i say more?

if you're interested to know more about their stuff, here's their website, plus you can find them on twitter as well as facebook.